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The Shared Societies Project at the OECD Global Development Forum

The Shared Societies Project at the OECD Global Development Forum

Marzo 31, 2016

The Shared Societies Project was invited to participate at the OECD 2016 Global Forum on Development “From commitment to actual implementation of the SDGs: Policies, data and financing” organized in Paris from 30 to 31 March. The round table addressed different approaches, assessing the impact of public policies on social cohesion and how to track it. 

Frederic Bontemps, Director of the Sustainable Development Office at the French Foreign Affairs Ministery and Member of the Club de Madrid Working Group on Sustainability and Shared Societies and Clem McCartney, Policy and Content Coordinator of the Shared Societies Project participated at the roundtable “Building More Inclusive Societies: From Policy Tools to Financing” organized as a back-to-back event to the Global Forum on Development. 

Representatives from the OECDCouncil of EuropeUNESCOEuropean Bank for Reconstruction and DevelopmentWorld BankCouncil of Europe Bank for Development, French Government and Club de Madrid discussed definitions and impact measurement on social inclusion at the global level. Clem McCartney introduced the concept of Shared Societies during the roundtable discussion and Frederic Bontemps also highlighted the relevance of building a Shared Society for a more sustainable and inclusive approach. He mentioned “Doing Business”, the publication of the World Bank and said it would be useful to have a report on “Doing Inclusive and Sustainable Business”.


The Club de Madrid staff attended the OECD Global Forum inaugurated by OECD Secretary General, Jose Angel Gurría, who spoke how global trends will affect progress on the Sustainable Development Goals. The Club de Madrid staff also held bilateral meetings with representatives of the OECD Development Center to explore potential collaboration opportunities.

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