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Petre Roman en Kiev: 'Ucrania necesita un liderazgo comprometido y sincero para la reforma democrática'

Petre Roman en Kiev: 'Ucrania necesita un liderazgo comprometido y sincero para la reforma democrática'

Octubre 17, 2016

El Miembro del Club de Madrid, Petre Roman, ex Primer Ministro de Rumanía y actual senador, ha intervenido en el foro 'Rada for Europe: Catalyzing Reforms, for Progress', un panel dedicado al análisis de las reformas que Ucrania necesita implementar para llevar a cabo con éxito su proceso de integración en la Unión Europea


The event features an informal discussion on parliaments and European integration. Two questions has informed the discussions: What has been the role of the parliament in successful democratic transition and the EU accession process in the new European democracies? What transformation do parliaments need to undergo in order to enable it to legislate and oversee the comprehensive state reforms required for EU accession?

Our Member and former Prime Miinister of Romania, Petre Roman, has drawn on his experiences from his country and his days in office and has shared some lessons learnt that can be useful for the Ukrainian process towards its integration in the European Union. Roman has stressed that 'Ukraine needs sincere and committed leadership for democratic reforms' and made clear that, in that sense, 'hald measures are not going to work'. 

Petre Roman also reflected on Ukraine’s Parliamentary plan of internal transformation for a more reform-responsive legislature. According to his experience 'the time for democratic reforms is now and the role of the Rada is key to move forward with proper legislation. The Goverment have to present a coherent and consistent body of laws for Paliament support'. Finally, the Club de Madrid Member reminded that o give further impetus to the reform within the Ukrainian Parliament and its proactive role in reforming the country as a whole, officials and government's representatives 'need to communicate all the time with the people to build trust for reform'. 

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