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Live Session: 'Next Generation Democracy - A Call to Action'

Live Session: 'Next Generation Democracy - A Call to Action'

Noviembre 25, 2014

On the basis of the regional analysis, working group rapporteurs and CdM Members will share innovative ideas to shape Next Generation Democracy (NGD) regional agendas for the advancement of Democracy


Elements for NGD Regional Agendas:

Andrián Bonilla, Secretary General of FLACSO (Working Group Americas); Mathew J. Burrows, Director, Strategic Foresight Initiative, Atlantic Council (Working Group Americas); Giovani Greve, DIrector FRIDE, (Working Group Wider Europe); Lina Khatib, Director of Carnegie and Middle East Center (Working Group Broader MENA); Gareth Newham, Head, Governance, Crime and Justice Division, Insititute for Security Sudies (Working Group Sub Saharan Africa); Niranjan Sahoo, Senior Fellow, Observer Research Foundation, (Working Group Asia-Oceania)

Facilitation / Elements for NGD Global Agenda

Ted Piconne, Senior Fellow in Foreign Policy, Brookings Institution. Advisor, Club de Madrid; Brechtje Kemp, Acting Head, State of the Democracy Program, International IDEA


Sadiq Al Mahdi, Prime Minister of Sudan (1966-67; 1986-1989). Member of the Club de Madrid; 

Kim Campbell, Prime Minister of Canada (1993)  Member of the Club de Madrid; 

Radha Kumar, Director-General Dehli Policy Group

RIcardo Lagos, President of Chile (2000-2006) Member of the Club de Madrid; 

Boris Tadic, President of Serbia (2004-2012) Member of the Club de Madrid; 


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