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Ex Primer Ministro de Túnez en el MedForum de Malta: "Debemos invertir en la juventud si queremos cambios a largo plazo"

Ex Primer Ministro de Túnez en el MedForum de Malta: "Debemos invertir en la juventud si queremos cambios a largo plazo"

Octubre 27, 2016

Mehdi Jomaa, ex Primer Ministro de Túnez y Miembro del Club de Madrid, ha participado hoy en un panel sobre juventud y narrativa extremista durante la tercera edición del Foro Mediterráneo organizado por la Fundación Anna Lindh. En él, Jomaa ha subrayado la necesidad de potenciar la educación y los valores de los jóvenes como vía para su desradicalización. 

Another Club de Madrid Member,  Zlatko Lagumdzija, former Prime Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina, will be also participanting tomorrow in this gathering in a conversation about the potential of multicultural societies.

Prime Minister Jomaa made clear that education, values and youth are instrumental in the process of preventing violent extremism. "The investment in education is the most important. This is a new political logic with a future vision", said Mr Jomaa to the Mediterranean Forum gathered in Malta. He also made the link between education, politics and future,

Both Jomaa and Lagumdzija are bringing their personal experience and expertise in the fields of preventing violent extremism and social inclusion into this Forum, while adding to the conversation the main ideas of the two projects in which they both respectively participate at the Club de Madrid: Preventing Violent Extremismand the Shared Societies Project

The first one aims at strengthening counter-narrative messaging. The objective is to improve national and regional responses to violent extremist threats by developing positive narratives using media tools and evidence-based findings. The project was launched last September 28th in Brussels. The Shared Societies project promotes an inclusive society in which all individuals hold equal status and are free to express their differences while integrating their voices within the broader population. It respect’s everyone’s dignity and human rights while providing every individual with equal opportunity. 

CdM’s Preventing Violent Extremism project as well as Shared Society project –which has ten years of experience dealing with issues of intergroup relations and achieving positive social integration- contribute on issues such as integration and inclusion, policies for managing relations between refugees and host communities, the application of the Ten Shared Societies Commitments to refugee issues, prevention of extremism and violence, and building cohesive societies.

In this context, it is vital the role of political leadership in advocating for positive policies for shared society against the backdrop of certain political and media narratives advocating for closure in the face of issues on international migration, and the Anna Lindh Forum aims to accelerate and scale-up the impact and reach of intercultural action to counter forces fuelling polarisation and extremism. 

The list of participants included the Director-General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova; the Secretary General of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Lamberto Zannier; Facebook’s Lead Policy manager for Counterterrorism, Brian Fishman; and a member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies on the Foreign Affairs Committee, Khalid Chaouki, among others. 

The Secretary General of the Club de Madrid, Maria Elena Agüero, also participated in the outcome session explaining the main outputs of the forum along with the Executive Director of the Anna Lindh Foundation, Hatem Atallah, the Director for Global Strategic Communication at EEAS, and other experts. 


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