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Club de Madrid Member Lagumdžija to take part in a young leadership program in Amman

Club de Madrid Member Lagumdžija to take part in a young leadership program in Amman

Febrero 11, 2016

Former Prime Minister of Bosnia Herzegovina, Zlatko Lagumdzija, will take part in a panel of the initiative “Debate to Action: Communication and Leadership Regional Training”organized by the Anna Lindh Foundation and Common Purpose. The training will bring together 24-28 young emerging leaders from across eight Arab countries (Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia and Libya)

This  first “Debate to Action” regional communication and advocacy training will take place in Amman from February 2016, 13th to 18th 

Hosted at the Jordan Media Institute (JMI), the “Debate to Action” training is co-organised by the Anna Lindh Foundation and Common Purpose International in partnership with the British Council, Club de Madrid and the Euro-Med Media Network. The training aims to support established youth leaders in transforming their issue-based debate to action, with a focus on engagement with mainstream media and policy advocacy with decision-makers. The training will also focus on developing action-orientated initiatives around common challenge: “How can we make a step change in the ability of young leaders to get their messages across?”


Prime Minister Lagumdžija will have a speaking role in a panel of 1h30mn on February 16th and then later on in an interactive session with other high level leaders including Ambassador Hatem Atallah Executive Director of Anna Lindh Foundation. 

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