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Club de Madrid conveys the final mission of its project on preventing violent extremism

Club de Madrid conveys the final mission of its project on preventing violent extremism

Mayo 30, 2017

Prime Minister Zlatko Lagumdzija is leading a high level mission to Lebanon that is running from Monday 29th to Wednesday 31st of May. During these days, he will engage with fellow CdM Members PM Siniora and President Gemayel, both from Lebanon. The project has been working for the last eight months in helping to build a new and effective narrative able to tackle the succcess of the radical groups propaganda

This mission mains objectives are: 
  • Share Member experience/recommendations in addressing issues of conflict, violent extremism and hate speech;
  • Contribute to national debate and efforts in developing alternative narratives to counter violent extremism and extremist messages;
  • Maintain and build contacts with relevant interlocutors engaged in developing the country’s national P/CVE strategies; 
  • Raise awareness and inform stakeholders of relevant CdM projects such as Shared Societies and Next Generation Democracy.

Prime Minister Lagumdzija will meet several top  government representatives with whom will discuss strategies for preventing and countering violent extremism. This is the list of foreseen encounters:

  • Minister of State for Refugee Affairs, Moueen Meraabi
  • Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Nohad Machnouk 
  • Lebanon’s Grand Mufti, Abdel Latif Deryan
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