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Andrés Pastrana comparte su experiencia en procesos de paz en la séptima misión del Club de Madrid en Myanmar

Andrés Pastrana comparte su experiencia en procesos de paz en la séptima misión del Club de Madrid en Myanmar

Octubre 28, 2016

El ex presidente de Colombia y miembro del Club de Madrid, Andrés Pastrana, compartió su experiencia en procesos de paz con los líderes del gobierno y de los principales partidos de la oposición de Myanmar en la séptima misión del CdM en el país. 


Sharing lessons learnt, experiences and best practices with the Myanmar authorities and civil society organizations will be the main objective of this mission that will start the 30th of October and will extent its actitivies untill the 3rd of November.

During this visit, Andrés Pastrana will focus on building on the relational and substantive foundations laid during previous missions to explore Club de Madrid member’s role in Myanmar’s national reconciliation and to support constructive next steps in the peace process. The specific emphasis will be experiences of facilitating peace processes.
The agenda will include:
1. Participation at the Roundtable co-organized with Euro-Burma Office on negotiation and peace process experiences.
2. To meet with representatives of the Government and assess current challenges and the situation in relation to the Peace process with ethnic armed organisations, share experiences and explore how the Members can support that process.
3. To meet with key political actors, including those involved in the negotiations, political parties and ethnic groups toshare experiences and provide an understanding and nonpartisan ear or sounding board as well as space in which they can talk through their options. By doing so, helping them to appreciate the value of such engagement.
4. To meet with the Rakhine State Commission to assess the current situation related to the Rohingya population and potential collaboration of Club de Madrid Members.
Other Members that have shared his political experience on democratic transitions to help Myanmar's process towards democracy and shared societies include, Ricardo Lagos (Chile), Bondevik (Norway), Thinley (Bhutan)
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