Hacia una democracia efectiva



High Level Mission to Myanmar ahead of crucial elections
High Level Support for Effective Dialogue in Myanmar: Towards Democratic Transition and Shared Societies
SDGs: No one left behind
The Shared Societies Project
“Decentralization and Social Cohesion” in Tunis with President Zapatero
Shared Societies Project Mission - Tunis, June 2015
V High Level Mission to Haiti with President Pastrana (Colombia) & President PIñera (Chile)
Promoting dialogue for democratic reform in Haiti - Port-au-Prince, Haiti June 2015
Democracy and Human Rights in Decline? A Call for Action
Policy Dialogue 2014 - Florence, Italy
Nepal - Women as Agents of Change
The Shared Societies Project - Nepal November 2014
Segunda Misión de Alto Nivel a Haití
27-30 Abril 2014. Liderada por Ricardo Lagos

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