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Rose-Ackerman, Susan

Henri R. Luce Professor of Law and Political Science, Yale School of Law

Susan Rose-Ackerman


Henri R. Luce Professor of Law and Political Science, Yale School of Law




Rose-Ackerman graduated from Wellesley in 1964 and holds a Masters Degree (1967) and a Ph D in Economics (1979) from Yale University.


Professional experience:


Susan Rose-Ackerman is Co-director of the Law School's Center for Law, Economics, and Public Policy of Yale University. She has held fellowships from the Guggenheim Foundation and the Fulbright Commission and was a Visiting Research Fellow at the World Bank. Previously, Rose-Ackerman had been Professor and Director of the Center for Law and Economic Studies (1982-1987) at the Columbia Law School.


Rose –Ackerman is member of the Board of Directors of the American Law and Economics Association (1993-1996, 2003-2006) and member of the Governing Council of the Public Policy Section of the American Political Science Association.


She has also been member of the Executive Committee of the American Economic Association (1990-1993) and has been part of different committees of the Association of Public Policy and Management since 1985.


Her areas of expertise include Comparative Political Economy, Administrative Law and Bureaucracy, Law and Economics, Public Choice, Political Economy of Corruption, the Non-Profit Sector, Urban and Environmental Law and Economics, Public Finance and Regulation.




Susan Rose-Ackerman is the author of several articles including "The Challenge of Poor Governance and Corruption" (Copenhagen Consensus Project, 2004) and "Foreign Direct Investment and the Business Environment in Developing Countries: the Impact of Bilateral Investment Treaties". She has published a number of books which include Creating Social Trust in Post-Socialist Transition (edited with J. Kornai, 2004);

Building A Trustworthy State in Post-Socialist Transition (edited with J. Kornai and B. Rothstein, 2004); Corruption and Government: Causes, Consequences and Reform, 1999; Controlling Environmental Policy: The Limits of Public Law in Germany and the United States (1995); Rethinking the Progressive Agenda: The Reform of the American Regulatory State (1992); The Nonprofit Enterprise in Market Economies (with E. James, 1986); The Economics of Nonprofit Institutions: Studies in Structure and Policy (editor, 1986); Corruption: A Study in Political Economy (1978); From Elections to Democracy: Building Accountable Government in Hungary and Poland (2005).

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