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Wilson, Stuart

Formerly Vice President with the DuPont Company

Formerly Vice President with the DuPont Company

Stuart is a graduate of Nottingham University, UK, ( B. Sc., 1969) and Columbia University, USA, (M.A., 2008). During his 30 year career with DuPont, he held senior management positions in UK, USA, Switzerland and Japan. These included a 7 year assignment in Tokyo, where he was the Managing Director of 2 of DuPont's major strategic business units. These businesses had marketing operations in 13 Asian countries and manufacturing and technical facilities in Japan, China, India, South Korea and Singapore. While in Japan, Stuart was also a member of the Board of Directors of the DuPont - Mitsui joint venture as well as Vice President for all business activities. Following his assignment in Japan, he was appointed President of the largest global DuPont joint venture (with the Rhodia Company, France).

With the aim of broadening his experience beyond the corporate world, Stuart retired from DuPont and moved to Vietnam where he became the export director of an art gallery in Hanoi. Successful exhibitions in Geneva and London brought much needed income to struggling Vietnamese artists. Following his acceptance as a graduate student in 2006, Stuart was awarded an M.A. from Columbia in 2008. His thesis was an analysis of Civil Society in Japan which provided a stepping stone to his current pro bono work of advocacy for older persons and direct support of Social Integration. His currrent activities include the position of UN representative for HelpAge International, the largest global NGO supporting and advocating for older people.

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