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McCartney, Clem

Research Consultant, Club of Madrid Shared Societies Project Policy and Content Coordinator

Dr. Clem McCartney is from Northern Ireland. His first degree is in law but he switched to social development for the first part of his working career. He mainly worked in the United Kingdom but also spent some years in Papua New Guinea.

From the mid 1980s his main interest has been in conflict resolution and mediation. He worked in the Centre for the Study of Conflict in the University of Ulster being responsible for connecting academic researchers to policy makers and practitioners and making research more relevant to decision makers.

In 1982 he became an independent consultant on conflict and community issues and has a wide range of experience in Northern Ireland, the Caucasus, Middle East, South America, South and South-East Asia. He has worked with a variety of organisations including Conciliation Resources in London, Berghof Peace Support in Berlin and International Alert in London.

He has contributed to Berghof Research Centre’s publications including the "Berghof Handbook for Conflict Transformation", and the Accord Series of Conciliation Resources, editing the edition on Northern Ireland - "Striking a Balance, the Northern Ireland Peace Process." He also undertook a International Comparative Review of Public Policies Towards Improving Inter-Community Relations as part of for the Northern Ireland Government Review of Community Relations Policies.

Since 2007, his main activities have been as advisor to the Shared Societies Project of the Club de Madrid, focusing on policies to promote inter community harmony. He has been directly involved in developing the materials of the Project, including the recent publication "The Economics of Shared Societies" and has taken part in Club de Madrid missions to international bodies and a number of countries.

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