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The President’s Circle

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No matter how big or broad, individual efforts undertaken to alleviate poverty or reduce conflict will only be effective and sustainable if appropriate policies and efficient delivery systems are in place.

The Club de Madrid aims to work with current leaders to help improve decision making processes and establish suitable policy frameworks, respectful of human rights, the rule of law and democratic values, creating the most suitable environment possible for the pursuit of sustainable development actions.

To better achieve our objectives, we seek to identify and work with individuals and corporations who, like the Members of the Club, are committed to our mission and would like to make a difference in advancing development and leadership where it is most needed.

The President’s Circle 

The ‘President’s Circle’ is composed of a select group of business representatives, policymakers and philanthropists who share our values and are key in helping us support and promote democratic governance and leadership, thus forging local and global progress for the well-being on human kind.

We value greatly the qualified advice from the private and public sector on key issues to help us improve our activities and above all guide us to make them sustainable. The President’s Circle will meet at least once a year preferably on the sides of our General Assembly and Annual Conference. The President’s Circle may present recommendations at any time to the Club de Madrid leaders on existing or future projects/initiatives. This provides a unique opportunity to share their views among peers, offer advice to the Club’s leadership from their perspective and engage with our Members and other relevant personalities who attend our Annual conferences each year.

Benefits of the President’s Circle

Being part of the President’s Circle offers you or your company the opportunity to:

  1. Deliberate on issues of global concern with some of the most relevant world leaders who are no longer tied to the constraints of being in office and can share their views freely;
  2. Establish close contact with our Members and other high level leaders, policymakers and experts associated with the Club de Madrid;
  3. Attend a yearly retreat with some of our Members and other relevant personalities to deliberate on issues of mutual interest;
  4. Showcase your organization’s best practices and share ideas of how private-public partnerships can improve society as a whole;
  5. Request ‘Leadership Dialogues’ with some of our Members for your organization to debate on a topic of your choice;
  6. Accompany our Members and staff on project Missions;
  7. Special VIP invitations to all Club de Madrid events, activities and meetings;
  8. Visibility on and off line if desired.


Current President’s Circle Members*

  • Alan. B Slifka Foundation
  • Fundación ACS
  • Professor Clive Palmer
  • The Boris and Inara Teterev Foundation
  • The Charitable Foundation

  *Dr Chau Chak Wing is the Chairman of the Asia-Pacific Region of the World Leadership Alliance-Club de Madrid's President Circle

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