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Highlighting the links between Climate Change, Agriculture and Green Economy in Latin America

The Club de Madrid Member Jorge Quiroga, President of Bolivia (2001-2002) provided an integral vision of the important synergies between Agriculture, Climate Change and Green Economy in the Latin American region, during the Climate Change and Agriculture in Latin America Seminar that took place on 13 and 14 October in Brasilia.

The Club de Madrid congratulates the new Haitian Head of Government and celebrates his will to reach a national agreement

The Club de Madrid values the work achieved by Haitian officials, Presidency and Parliament which enabled Garry Conille to be appointed Prime Minister. The members of the Club de Madrid would like to congratulate the new Haitian Head of Government. The Club de Madrid wishes him success and hopes that this appointment coupled with a new government will allow the country and Haitians to enjoy positive change.

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Creating Human Security in South Sudan: What is needed?

High-Level Mission to Juba led by Member Benjamin Mkapa on Women’s Leadership for Peace and Security in the Greater Horn of Africa

The Women’s Leadership for Peace and Security in the Greater Horn of Africa project held a High level Mission to the Republic of South Sudan (10-14 October) as starting point of its second phase (2011-2012). This mission was organized by the project partners Club de Madrid, Institute for Security Studies (ISS) and Isis – WICCE, with the support and collaboration of the Governments of Australia and Belgium. It was attended by civil society leaders, practitioners, government officials, parliamentarians and experts to examine women’s participation in peace and security dialogue and decision-making.


A Key Week in Haiti’s Future

During what many have called a key week in Haiti’s future, the Club de Madrid deployed a fifth mission in the framework of the Global Leadership for Haiti’s Reconstruction Project. In a partnership between the Global Leadership Foundation and the Club de Madrid, President Uteem of Mauritius and Prime Minister Clark of Canada lead a delegation, which also included the Club de Madrid’s Deputy Secretary General Agüero and international expert, Valdés.

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From Rising Inequalities to Shared Societies at the IMF-World Bank annual meetings

The Club de Madrid, the Center of Concern and the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, have jointly organised the second conference this year at the International Monetary and Financial Institutions: “From Rising Inequalities to Shared Societies: The need to create a sustainable International Monetary and Financial System” , held on September 25 in Washington DC during the Annual Meetings of the IMF-World Bank.

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Ahmed Néjib Chebbi (tunisian candidate) visits the Club de Madrid

The Secretary General of the Club de Madrid, Carlos Westendorp, met on Tuesday September 27th with Ahmed Néjib Chebbi, Secretary General of the Progressive Democratic Party (PDP) of Tunisia, during his visit to Madrid. They exchanged views on Tunisia’s transition period and explored opportunities for collaboration.

Kim Campbell Promotes Political Party Development and Civic Political Engagement in Kyrgyzstan

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, September 2011, – With the objective of supporting peaceful and just transitional political processes in the run up to the October 30th Presidential elections, Club de Madrid Member Kim Campbell, Former Prime Minister of Canada, promoted the holding of credible elections, participatory democracy, respect for human rights culture, and the strengthening of governance institutions for further consolidation of democracy in the Kyrgyz Republic during this third Club of Madrid mission to Kyrgyzstan. Member Campbell provided information on comparative experiences of political parties in Canada and other countries with regard to their role in democratic governance, communication with their constituency and leadership.

Busan and the Aid Efficiency Agenda

Madrid, 12 September 2011. - The Club of Madrid, in conjuncture with the Spanish Secretary of State for International Cooperation, and with the collaboration of the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC), organised last week, Monday 12 September, a round table discussion centred upon the theme of “An opportunity for the Leadership of the Countries in the Process of Development: The High Level Forum of Busan”.

The Club de Madrid presents its Recommendations to the G20

Paris, 9 September 2011 – In view of the grave and anxious economic and political situation the world is presently experiencing, the next G20 summit will pay particular attention to the search for and application of solutions to these issues. At this summit, 19 countries will arrange to meet, as well as the European Union, as an economic bloc, which represents 85% of the world’s economy and two thirds of the world’s population.  

The Club of Madrid is joining forces in this effort through its G20 initiative. With the support of the French Presidency of the G20 and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, the Club of Madrid organised during the 8 – 9 September a high level meeting in Paris, with the objective of evaluating and debating the most pressing and urgent affairs currently gripping the world today, ones which are considered vital for the G20 to address.

Download the recommendations presented by the Club of Madrid’s members to President Sarkozy

Club de Madrid turns ten

The Club de Madrid has reached a special milestone in 2011: ten years of building democracy that delivers. Over the last decade, our Members have shared their expertise and knowledge with leaders around the globe, strengthening upcoming democratic governments and thus making a definite, long-term improvement in the lives of thousands.

We will celebrate this 10th anniversary in November 2011 with two flagship events in New York City:

Club de Madrid in support of the people of Norway

Our souls are saddened and our hearts in pain after the killing of 76 people in Norway last July 22. An aggression on any nation is an aggression on all nations. An injury to one human being is an injury on all humanity.

All lives are infinite and each one of them ought to be shielded from hate or violence. But when it is the life of youth that is attacked, it is our mere future that is assailed. We will never be able to console enough the families and friends of those who were killed, but we will stand by their side, and ensure that the victims will always be remembered and that their deaths will not be lead to hate. Through our colleague Club de Madrid Members and former Prime Ministers of Norway Bondevik and Brundtland we want to extend to an each and every citizen of Norway our sympathy and support.

Valuing Diversity and Dialogue in a New Alliance between Citizens and Governments in the MENA Region

Paris, 7 July 2011 – The Workshop “Valuing Diversity and Dialogue: A New Alliance between Citizens and Governments”, organized by the MENA-OECD Governance Programme and the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation (ALF), gathered selected representatives of civil society and governments from MENA and OECD countries active in promoting diversity, social and intercultural dialogue to share experiences and disseminate good practices with as specific focus on the MENA Region.


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