Democracy That Delivers

Structure and Organization

The Club de Madrid is composed of four executive and advisory bodies:


The Club de Madrid brings several unique resources to its work:  

  • Personal experience and reputation of former Heads of State and Government
  • Access to the world's leading experts and scholars on democracy  issues
  • A focus on democratic transition and consolidation
  • A commitment to practical programs with measurable results

Membership in the Club de Madrid is offered to respected former Heads of State and Government of democratic countries who contribute their personal experience and knowledge.  Appointment to the Club of Madrid is proposed by the Board of Directors and approved by the General Assembly. 

One of the Club's major assets is the ability of its members to offer peer-to-peer advice and counselling to current leaders struggling to build or consolidate democracy.  The members of the Club de Madrid can also help focus much needed international attention on targeted countries and leverage the work of other institutions trying to promote democracy.

The Club's members are supported by a network of world-class experts who work together to assist countries and offer assistance on a range of democratic reform issues.


Club de Madrid
Palacio del Marqués de Cañete. Calle Mayor, 69, Planta 1, 28013 Madrid - Spain
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