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The Club de Madrid and the Maastricht School of Management hosted a Shared Societies International Workshop on “Can the Economics of Shared Societies Support more Resilient Economies and Global Sustainability?“ in Maastricht, The Netherlands, on 28th, 29th and 30th of March 2012.


The Club de Madrid and the Maastricht School of Management brought together a group of academics and practitioners aimed to review and consolidate the current state of knowledge on the impact of shared societies on economic performance and advance understanding of the underlying dynamics of that relationship, thereby connecting theory to policy and practice.

Here you will find the different papers in pdf format that were discussed in this seminar and have been published in the book "Shared Societies:The Case for Inclusive Development"

Podcast Series


Working Papers Series on Shared Societies (download the compilation of papers in pdf format here):


Making the Case for Shared Societies

The Economics of Inclusion: Building an Argument for a Shared Society
Authors:Michael A. Valenti and Olivier Giovannoni
Why do Shared Societies make economic sense? Three theoretical approximations
Author : Aldo Caliari
Citizens’ guide – Well-being 2030
Author : Claire Dheret
Shared Societies and the Global Crisis: Evidence and Policy
Author:Raymond Torres

Violence, Conflict and Shared Societies

Can the Economics of Shared Societies Support More Resilient Economies and Global Sustainability? Challenges and opportunities in an interdependent world
Author : Daniel Hyslop
Shared Societies and Armed Conflict: Costs, Inequality and the Benefits of Peace
Author : Patricia Justino

Regional and National Experiences

Unsustainable growth: Lessons from South Africa
Author: Jan Hofmeyr
The Measurement of Sharing and Separation in a Divided Society: The Case of Northern Ireland
Author: Paul Nolan
Shared Societies in Latin America: Challenges and Opportunities
Author : Ernesto Ottone
Towards Greater Equality in China: The Economic Growth Dividend
Author: Guanghua Wan
The effect of Iddi Amin’s expulsion of the Asian community in Uganda on the social and economic development of the country
Author : Tumuhairwe Collins

Civil Society and Social Change Towards a Shared Society: Recent Issues

An International Crisis of Social Justice, Occupy Wall Street and the Realm of Policy
Author : Sara L. Burke
Consumer action and the economic empowerment of marginalised groups
Author : Rob Harrison


The Shared Societies Project Blog has a Podcast Series with comments and interviews to some of the authors. Click here for more info.

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