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The G20´s Role in the Post-Crisis World

The G20´s Role in the Post-Crisis World

The Club of Madrid, the world’s largest forum of democratic former Presidents and Prime Ministers, launched in January 2010 the project “The G20’s Role in a Post Crisis World”, jointly with FRIDE and the Government of Korea (G20 2010 Presidency), as well as with the support of the German Marshall Fund of the United States, the Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung and the Korean Institute for International Economic Policy.

This initiative was launched with the purpose of supporting the G20 in its role as the premier forum for international economic cooperation. The Members of the Club of Madrid firmly believe the G20 should be supported in this process to ensure that it serves as an effective transition mechanism, taking us from the ‘informal’ to a more ‘institutionalised’ multilateralism needed to better address the needs of the 21st century.


In this regard our initiative focused on presenting recommendations on three core issues for the Korean G20 Presidency in preparation of the G20 November Summit: i) What role for the G20 ii) What priorities for a G20 development agenda and iii) The reform of the International Financial Institutions.


The democratic political experience of the members of the Club of Madrid, combined with the academic knowledge of FRIDE provided to be a great sounding board for the G20 Presidency. In this regard the Final Report of our G20 2010 Initiative sent below was presented by the Korean authorities in the Sherpa meeting held in Incheon 14-15 October, in preparation for the G20 Summit. 

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