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CLub de Madrid, Rio+20, Mary RobinsonJune 21, 2012. The central message coming from the Club de Madrid official high-level side event “Sustainable Development in an Unequal world” in Rio+20 is that environmental justice requires social justice and social justice cannot be achieved without greater equality of income and wealth between countries and within countries. The event focused on the relationship and interdependence between the economy, social justice and the environment. It addressed the high and increasing worldwide inequality between those who pollute most through wasteful use of natural resources, and those who suffer the effects of pollution. It pointed to the fact that the world´s most affluent one billion people have a lifestyle which negatively affects and pollutes the other six billion´s air, water, land, foodstuffs and undermines their right to a decent life.


Club de Madrid at the OECD Urban Roundtable, Mobilizing Investments for Urban Sustainability, Job Creation and Resilient Growth


Club de Madrid, OECD Urban RoundatableChicago, 8 March 2012. Sustainable development, like climate change, is a global, national and local issue. Action and cooperation among stakeholders at all levels – international, national and local government, private companies and citizens – is needed to forge a more sustainable and equitable path. In the wake of the global financial crisis, it is even more important that these actors work together to finance and implement a shift to sustainable urban growth.

You can read the event report here.

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Club de Madrid calls for a Global Leadership on Climate Action at COP17


Durban, Club de Madrid, Mary RobinsonThe Club de Madrid organized an official UNFCCC side event during the last UN Climate Change Conference in Durban, South Africa on 7 December 2011.

Three Members of the Club de Madrid, Cassam Uteem (President of Mauritius, 1992-2002), Mary Robinson, (President of Ireland, 1990-1997), and Luisa Diogo (Prime Minister of Mozambique, 2004-2010), made a strong call to achieve ambitious results in Durban.

Full text of Cassam Uteem's Speech

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Club de Madrid in support of the Climate Vulnerable Countries in the Dhaka ministerial Forum


Jose Maria Figueres, Club de MAdridDhaka, 14 November 2011 – The Club de Madrid Member, José María Figueres (President of Costa Rica, 1994-1998) supported the common position of the Climate Vulnerable Forum together with UN Secretary General, Ban-Ki Moon in Bangladesh.

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Club de Madrid Contribution to Rio+20


Club de Madrid, Rio+20The Club de Madrid organized together with the Friederich Ebert Stiftung on 10 November 2011 a debate on the issues at stake of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development on the UN Headquarters in NY.

Four Members of the Club de Madrid, Wim Kok (Prime Minister of The Netherlands, 1994-2002), Jennifer Mary Shipley (Prime Minister of New Zealand, 1997-1999), Ricardo Lagos (President of Chile , 2000-2006), and Luisa Diogo (Prime Minister of Mozambique, 2004-2010), offered their point of view of the key issues under the UNCSD negotiation process.

Program of the Debate (pdf)

Recommendations (pdf)

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Highlighting the links between Climate Change, Agriculture and Green Economy in Latin America


Jorge Quiroga, Club de MAdridThe Club de Madrid Member Jorge Quiroga, President of Bolivia (2001-2002) provided an integral vision of the important synergies between Agriculture, Climate Change and Green Economy in the Latin American region, during the Climate Change and Agriculture in Latin America Seminar that took place on 13 and 14 October in Brasilia.

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The Club de Madrid presents its Recommendations to the G20

Club de Madrid, G20Paris, 9 September 2011 – In view of the grave and anxious economic and political situation the world is presently experiencing, the next G20 summit will pay particular attention to the search for and application of solutions to these issues. At this summit, 19 countries will arrange to meet, as well as the European Union, as an economic bloc, which represents 85% of the world’s economy and two thirds of the world’s population. 

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Access to Clean Energy and Green Growth Implementation: Key Answers to the Climate Change Challenge 


Club de Madrid, Bonn Side Event, Mary Robinson13 June 2011, Bonn, Germany – Energy use has caused climate change; but it has also increased human welfare on this planet. This development pattern has to change. We need to reduce CO2 by more than 50% while increasing energy use by more than 50%. In order to do this, we need to make the global economy energy efficient; invest in renewable energy; we need a shift to green growth strategies. Access to clean energy and the implementation of green growth strategies are linked solutions to two key human problems, climate change and poverty. 

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The Club de Madrid Supports the Role of Cities in Climate Action


Andres Pastrana, Club de Madrid, C40, Sao PaoloJune 2, 2011, Sao Paolo, Brazil - Andrés Pastrana, President of Colombia (1998-2002) and Member of the Club de Madrid, moderated a high level panel during the C40 Summit in Sao Paolo (the 40 largest cities fighting climate change). The panel focused on advocacy as a key element to achieve the recognition of the important role that cities play in the fight against climate change. The panel of high level speakers included, in addition to President Pastrana, the Lord Mayor of Sydney, the Mayor of Sao Paolo, the Lord Mayor of Heidelberg, and the Secretary for the Environment of Hong Kong.

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The Club de Madrid moves forward along with the International sustainable development agenda


Club de MAdrid, Climate Change, EnergyThe Club de Madrid welcomes the progress achieved during the last round of international climate negotiations that took place in Bangkok, Thailand, 3-8 April, where an agreement on the agenda for the negotiations towards COP17 in Durban, South Africa, at the end of 2011, was reached. The next Climate Talks will take place in Bonn, Germany, on 6-17 June 2011, and the Club de Madrid, plans to organise a side event where the messages for an equitable and fair post-2012 climate regime are strengthened, including the support to the most vulnerable countries and the advocacy for the missing Millennium Development Goal “universal clean energy access”.

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Policies for cities fighting climate change


Club de Madrid, Jorge Quiroga, Climate ChangeJorge Quiroga (President of Bolivia, 2001-2002) represented the Club of Madrid at the Global Urban Development Forum hosted by the International Economic Club of China in Beijing (5-7 January). The theme of this year’s forum was “New Energy, New Technology, Smart City and Sustainable Development”. President Quiroga centred his speech on adaptation and mitigation policies for cities fighting climate change, and presenting the Club of Madrid recommendations produced in this respect. As China is taking the lead in urban development this new millennium and has, in fact, become the world’s number one investor in clean energy and technology, this was a key opportunity that allowed us to  open a door for further work with Chinese authorities – key players in future negotiations in the international agenda.




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