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Haiti - political stability is a must and a prerequisite for investment

Club de Madrid, Figueres, QuirogaFrom Feb. 26-29, a Club de Madrid delegation led by Pres. José María Figueres of Costa Rica and Club de Madrid’s Vice-President and former President of Bolivia Jorge Fernando Quiroga, was in Port-au-Prince to discuss with public officials, entrepreneurs and members of the international community, the potential for investment in eco-tourism and mining in Haiti.


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For Haiti and for Haitian people

Club de Madrid, Remember HaitiDemain (Robert Desnos)

Âgé de cent-mille ans, j'aurais encore la force
De t'attendre, o demain pressenti par l'espoir.
Le temps, vieillard souffrant de multiples entorses,
Peut gémir: neuf est le matin, neuf est le soir.


Or, du fond de la nuit, nous témoignons encore
De la splendeur du jour et de tous ses présents.
Si nous ne dormons pas c'est pour guetter l'aurore
Qui prouvera qu'enfin nous vivons au présent.

État de veille, 1942

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Haitian President launches key unblocking measures with the support of the Club de Madrid

Club de Madrid, Haiti, Jospin, Martelly, Ricardo LagosPresident Michel Martelly, in the framework of a plenary session on “Political consensus amongst Haitians. The political experience of the Club de Madrid at the service of Haiti’s future » committed before the main Haitian stakeholders to publish a pending Constitutional Reform, to name all members of the Supreme Court (Cour de Cassation), to provide for a functional Permanent Electoral Council and municipal and senatorial elections in 2012 hence unblocking the standstill between the Executive and Legislative powers that was hindering development.

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Speech of the Haitian President, S.E. Michel Martelly, at the end of the working session with the Club de Madrid (in French): (audio) (download pdf)

Speech of Lionel Jospin, Prime Minister of France (1997-2002) and Member of the Club de Madrid (in French): (audio) (download pdf)


The Club de Madrid congratulates the new Haitian Head of Government and celebrates his will to reach a national agreement

Haiti, Cassam UteemThe Club de Madrid values the work achieved by Haitian officials, Presidency and Parliament which enabled Garry Conille to be appointed Prime Minister. The members of the Club de Madrid would like to congratulate the new Haitian Head of Government. The Club de Madrid wishes him success and hopes that this appointment coupled with a new government will allow the country and Haitians to enjoy positive change.

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A Key Week in Haiti's Future

Haiti Cassam Uteem Joe ClarkeDuring what many have called a key week in Haiti’s future, the Club de Madrid deployed a fifth mission in the framework of the Global Leadership for Haiti’s Reconstruction Project. In a partnership between the Global Leadership Foundation and the Club de Madrid, President Uteem of Mauritius and Prime Minister Clark of Canada lead a delegation, which also included the Club de Madrid’s Deputy Secretary General Agüero and international expert, Valdés.

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When procedures fail, political agreements need to fill the vacuum

Haiti, ConstitutionClub de Madrid’s membership has openly advocated for the reform of Haiti’s 1987 Constitution as proposed by the 48th Haitian legislature. These amendments, though insufficient, are desirable and will strengthen a Constitution that is a source of Haitian pride. These improvements shall not be lost nor should their implementation be postponed as they add a net contribution to Haiti’s progress towards recovery, development, inclusion and freedom.

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The Club de Madrid before the good commencement of the democratic Processs in Haiti

The Club de Madrid welcomes the swearing in of Michel Martelly as the 56th President of Haiti as a sign of Jospin, Juan Gabriel Valdez, Martelly

continuing democratic consolidation.

The transition of power from one elected president to the next is a sign of democratic soundness that, together with the election of the new Parliament and its approval of the constitutional reform, can be the beginning of a new era in the institutional strengthening of the country and one more step towards the socio-economic development of Haiti.

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Club de Madrid supports the normal transference of power in Haiti

Lacalle, Westendorp, Quiroga

Just after the announcement of the final reults that declared Michael Martelly as the elected Predident for Haiti, a delegation of the Club de Madrid travelled to the country to express the organisation’s support to the normal continuity of the democratic process. The delegation, leaded by Presidents Lacalle (Uruguay) and Quiroga (Bolivia), along Club de Madrid’s General Secretary Carlos Westendorp, discussed with the new leaders of the country and the highest authorities in duty the constitutional reform and the regulation of international aid as the most inmediate challenges that the new powers will have to face.

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Haiti: Democratic process,  reconstruction and development process

Manigat Martelly Haiti Elections

March 18th, 2011 - From the Club of Madrid we want to invite all Haitians to participate peacefully, and within the norms and established processes, in the second electoral round next march 20th during which they will elect the institutions that will continue the physical, economic, and institutional reconstruction process of the country.

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Third Mission of the Club de Madrid: González and Jospin support the electoral process in Haiti as a prerequisite for consensus for reconstruction

Preval, Haiti, Jospin, Felipe Gonzalez, Martelly, Manigat

Feburary 13-18, 2011. In a key period of institutional consolidation for the country, after overcoming disputes from the first round of elections and setting March 20 as the date for the second round of the legislative and parliamentary elections, President Felipe González and Prime Minister Lionel Jospin –accompanied by Secretary General Carlos Westendorp and the international expert Juan Gabriel Valdés- have led a new Club de Madrid mission to Haiti. The main objective of the mission was to support the ongoing electoral process, which will strengthen the institutions that drive physical and institutional reconstruction.

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 Today we are all Haitians

Today we are all Haitians

Today, one year after the tragic earthquake that devastated Haiti, we join Haitians remembering the victims, supporting the injured and displaced, and hoping for the physical, economic, material and institutional reconstruction of the country.

We bring back to remembrance all workers from the European Union, the MINUSTAH and all other international organizations and NGOs who perished in the earthquake, and made the biggest sacrifice in their commitment for Haiti. We are all tasked with continuing their endeavors, making their commitment a reality, and giving value to their sacrifice.

Today we are all Haitians, today we are all with Haiti.

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The Club of Madrid joins the initiative of Spanish National TV "Together for Haiti"


Juntos por Haiti"Together for Haiti" is an initiative of RTVE in collaboration with AECID, to raise funds to fight the epidemic that is affecting the people of Haiti a year after the earthquake.

Nacho Espinosa, head of project “Global Leadership for Haiti’s Reconstruction”, participates in the program of Radio Exterior “Hora America”.

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Elections are a means to an end

Public Statement on the Current Situation in Haiti. December 11, 2010

Communiqué sur la situation actuelle en Haïti: Les élections sont un moyen pour arriver à une finHaiti Elections

The Club de Madrid has been following the electoral process in Haiti closely. Our organization is concerned with the latest developments in the country, strongly condemns any form of political violence and launches an appeal for all parties to call their supporters to non-violence. The Club de Madrid deeply regrets the loss of lives. Electoral processes should be a celebration of citizenship in which all parties and institutions involved ought to be respectful of the law and of their differences and use democratic means to resolve any dispute that may arise.

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To flourish, Haiti needs aid

Jean Max Bellerive, Prime Minister of Haiti, and Jorge Fernando Quiroga,  President of Bolivia (2001-2002) and member of the Club de Madrid, publishes and op-ed on the Miami Herald about Haiti, the institutional reconstruction of the country and the national ownership of this process, and the paradigm of development.

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The Club of Madrid calls on all parties for a constructive dialogue in Haiti

HaitiNovember 29th, 2010. – In light of the tensions and alleged irregularities experienced during yesterday’s elections in Haiti, the Members of the Club of Madrid - 78 democratic former heads of state and government from over 55 countries –working with Haitian leadership in an effort to achieve the institutional reconstruction of the country after the devastating earthquake of January 12th, call on all parties to urgently engage in the constructive dialogue that is fundamental to recuperate and sustain the institutional framework the country so desperately needs to effectively move forward with reconstruction in the earthquake and cholera ravaged country.

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IX General Assembly and Special Session "Reconstruction and Democratic Development: the Case of Haiti"

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 IX General Assembly and Special Open Session*, 4-5 November, 2010, Representation of the European Commission in Spain (Madrid)– Under the theme "Reconstruction and Democratic Development: The Case of Haiti”, thirty former Heads of State and Government met with high level experts to discuss the challenges of the institutional recoClub de Madrid Open Sessionnstruction process of Haiti. After two successful missions, a first one in July led by the former President of Chile, Ricardo Lagos, and a second one in September led by former Prime Minister of France, Lionel Jospin, the participants of this session had the honor to share the first results of this initiative with Haitian State Minister Patrick Delatour, and exchange views with a broader audience on the challenges ahead in building the Haitian state back better.

Special guests included Alexandre Abrantes, World Bank Special Envoy to Port-au-Prince and Espen Rikter-Svendsen, Special Envoy of the Government of Norway to Haiti. The session was moderated by Juan Gabriel Valdés, former Chilean Minister of Foreign Affairs, former Head of MINUSTAH and Senior Advisor in the Global Leadership for Haiti’s Reconstruction project.


A Club of Madrid mission led by Prime Minister Jospin and supported by D. Juan Gabriel was in Port-au-Prince Sept. 12-18.

The mission aimed at acquiring further understanding of the electoral process; sharing with local and international actors the ideas and proposals that support a democratic development and institutional reconstruction. 

The Mission held meetings with President René Préval, Prime Minister Jean Max Bellerive, presidential candidates, priv

ate sector representatives, as well as members of the intellectual and academic community,  and with a group of former Prime Ministers of Haiti and others leaders as well.

September 16th PM Jospin offered a press conference that was well attended by journalist and media. Read Prime Minister Lionel Jospin’s words during the conference, French).

The Mission noted that the electoral process is ongoing, but that this process is far from ensuring the country's future governance and legitimacy of the elections.

Registration of 19 presidential candidates and the fact that so far all candidates for the parliamentary elections remain in the race, demonstrates that voters will have an array of individual and ideological choices for a democratic election. 

This has not yet convinced opponents of the election, mainly leaders of traditional parties, who insist in exposing the fraudulent nature of the electoral process that will result in the elections next November 28th with the goal of delegitimizing the process, which continues at the same time marked by great uncertainty about the levels of participation.

Press summary (French)


The Club of Madrid offers support to Haitian leadership in the lead up to November 28 elections

On 21-23 July 2010, a Club of Madrid delegation led by President Lagos, accompanied by Juan Gabriel Valdes, former head of MINUSTAH, met in Port au Prince with President Preval, members of the Provisional Election Council, members of the opposition, civil society representatives and members of the international community. The purpose of the visit was the launch of a Club of Madrid initiative to support Haiti’s democracy, in particular Haitian efforts to return to the democratic consolidation and economic development process underway before the quake.Read Lagos, Preval, Juan Gabriel Valdez

the Mission Report

The January 12 earthquake in Haiti killed over 230,000 people, left more than 1,3 million people homeless or displaced and halted the legislative polls originally set for February and March. That pause in the democratic process will soon end as the Haitian government has called for elections to be held on November 28 to elect ten of the thirty senators, as well as all but one of the 99 deputies and a new President that will replace Preval after his mandate finishes in February 2011.

With the support of the European Commission, during this mission the Club de Madrid made the leadership experience of one of its members available to discuss with stakeholders and interested parties the importance of a free, fair and peaceful electoral process. The electoral campaign is a unique opportunity for an open discussion of ideas on the future of the country and its reconstruction process. Participation on ballot day is key as it will designate the leaders that will pilot the country from disaster and despair to its reconstruction and its future.


Prime Minister Bellerive of Haiti discusses with Club de Madrid leadership support for the "refoundation" of the State

Jean Max BelleriveIn a meeting with Haitian Prime Minister Bellerive a Club of Madrid delegation led by Members Patterson and Jospin made available to the Haitian authorities the leadership experience of its members to support the refoundation of the State after the earthquake of January 12

 The Club of Madrid, building on the leadership experience, access and convening power of its membership has produced a proposal to call together a ‘task force’ of its constituents who, in close collaboration with selected high-level advisors, over the next 18 months will work directly with Haiti’s political authorities to provide strategic counsel and support in leading the consensus building process required to achieve multi-stakeholder national agreement on key essential issues for the achievement of national institution-building/strengthening and reconstruction. In the meeting with Prime Minister Bellerive, issues such as elections and the election calendar, constitutional reform or the effectiveness and efficiency of international community engagement were identified as possible areas for Club de Madrid support.

“If you need me to say it explicitly: I clearly agree with the proposition that you have put on the table” the Haitian Prime Minister said.

Prime Minister Bellerive expressed his gratitude for such a concrete proposal “in line with the needs of the government and that included topics addressing the Haitian government´s biggest concerns”.




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