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The Political Dimensions of the World Economic Crisis

The Political Dimensions of the World Economic Crisis

The Crisis and the Re-Emergence of Politics

The current economic crisis is confronting us with unprecedented financial and economic challenges, compounding those the world is already facing in other areas such as poverty, food security, global warming, nuclear proliferation and human rights. The social and systemic crisis are and will be considerable, if only because the response will inevitably require important political decisions.

Understanding the Crisis, Region by Region

The crisis affects all countries and regions, albeit differently, depending on their level of development, location and participation in the global economy. Dealing with this multifaceted reality will require different solutions and strategies with likely important tensions between national, regional and global interests. To better understand and respond to this, the Club of Madrid has launched this project which includes six regional roundtables in Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa, the Arab World and the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India and China).

As the largest, most globally recognized and active group of democratic former Heads of State and Government and, working together with some of the world’s leading thinkers, the Club of Madrid will be addressing the political dimensions of the crisis, bringing the informed and experienced insight of its members to those stakeholders directly engaged in the political consideration of the issues and the relevant decision making processes. In this way, the Club of Madrid aims to pro–actively support, inform and inspire sitting leaders in the formulation of the bold ideas needed to tackle the challenge of this crisis, particularly as it bears on the imperative of strengthening and sustaining democratic values, leadership and the quality of polities in general.

In each of these roundtables, Members of the Club of Madrid, along with policy-makers and prominent international experts, analyzed the of the world economic crisis from different regional and national perspectives, formulating recommendations that were shared with relevant stakeholders, responsible, in turn, for responding to the social and political challenges that the crisis will generate –at a global, regional and national level. In this way, the Club of Madrid seeks to contribute to the design and consolidation of a new global governance capable of dealing with the aforementioned challenges within the respect of democratic values and human rights.













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