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The G20 in a Post Crisis World

The G20 in a Post Crisis World


Following our initiative on ‘The Political Dimensions of the World Economic Crisis ‘whereby the effects of the crisis on good governance were explored through different regional roundtables, Club de Madrid members decided to contribute towards the restructuring of the international governance architecture, particularly, by supporting the G20 in a long-term and sustainable approach, focused in bringing about a more efficient, effective and representative system capable of responding to the realities and challenges of the 21st century.


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  •  Objective

To provide innovative and pragmatic analysis on the accelerations of trends and realignments brought about by the international systemic crisis and contribute to their consideration within the G20 agenda through targeted exchanges of views with experienced leaders, policymakers, Sherpas and academia focused, particularly, on the reform of the global governance architecture.

  • Background

The G20s expanded role and renewed vigour could be the engine of a process leading to a more representative and sustainable international governance architecture capable of responding to the systemic causes and effects of the crisis. It must demonstrate that it is not a new forum with old voices that empowers big powers to the detriment of genuine multilateralism. It must be supported in this process to ensure that it serves as  an effective transition mechanism taking us from the ‘informal’ to the ‘institutionalised’ multilateralism needed to better address the needs of the 21st century. 

  • Why

As the world’s largest forum of former Presidents and Prime Ministers dedicated to strengthening representative values and leadership around the world, the Club de Madrid and its 92 members from 60 countries, can offer current leaders an unequalled body of knowledge and practical political leadership experience on a broad range of governance related issues. The Club de Madrid offers a unique, neutral and independent group of political leaders that can provide peer to peer counsel and strategic advice based on very diverse yet solid leadership experiences.

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2012 - Mexican Presidency of the G20

2011 - French Presidency of the G20

2010 - Korean Presidency of the G20

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