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Reports and Documents on Kyrgyzstan

 Country Profile-

A brief snapshot of Kyrgyzstan including a political map.


Timeline of Events in Kyrgyzstan-

A chronology of key events complied by the BBC beginning in the 8th century and spanning the history of Kyrgyzstan up to March of 2011, with detailed accounts of important recent developments.


Kyrgyzstan Inquiry Commission Final Report-  

The report of the Independent International Commission of Inquiry (KIC) into the events in southern Kyrgyzstan in June 2010 was released by its Chair Dr Kimmo Kiljunen on Tuesday, 3 May in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan. The findings are based on extensive interviews of some 750 witnesses, 700 documents and nearly 5 000 photographs and 1 000 video extracts.


Human Rights Watch Report-

The 86-page report, "Distorted Justice: Kyrgyzstan's Flawed Investigations and Trials on the 2010 Violence," concludes that criminal investigations in to the 2010 violence have been marred by widespread use of arbitrary arrests and ill-treatment including torture.


A New Chance to Build Kyrgyz Democracy-

By Anders Aslund at the Peterson Institute for International Economics

Op-ed in the Moscow Times, April 28, 2010


Assessing a Transitional Justice Approach for Kyrgyzstan-

This document by the International Center for Transitional Justice considers interim government initiatives on truth-seeking, prosecutions, reforms, and reparations for victims. It raises concerns about some of these measures, and makes recommendations for further and more effective progress in these areas.


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