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Batulo Mursal, We Are Women Activists (WAWA)

Batulo Mursal works for We Are Women Activists.

Born in Mogadishu in 1965, Batulao graduated from Somali National university. She was member of the founders of Community Organization for Relief and Development (CORD) in 1994, which is member of COGWO. She was elected as the chairperson of the Coalition for Grassroots Women Organizations (COGWO) Network for two terms of two years in January 2003–January 2007 and was also elected Board Member of Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa for two terms

Batulo trained as Organizational Development and HIV/AIDS trainer and consultant by Oxfam Novib Netherlands and also worked as local consultant training different organizations and networks on Organizational development and HIV/AIDS.

In 2008 she was hired by UNDP as a local consultant to collect substantive input for drafted gender policy of the Ministry of Women Development and Family Affairs (Mowdafa) of Puntland to assist them with the finalization of the policy.

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Hawa Jama Ali, We Are Women Activists (WAWA)

Hawa Ali is the Chairperson of We Are Women Activists, an organisation based in the semi-autonomous Puntland, North Eastern Somalia.  She has recently been consulting in the Somali constitutional process in Djibouti.

WAWA focuses in the areas of capacity building for its member NGOs,  documentation of human tights violation cases, HIV/AIDS  awareness and  prevention, peace building and reconciliation, youth empowerment (youth participation in local governance and promotion of girl leadership skills), formal and non-formal education, gender and development (building women’s life support skills through income generating activities).

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Zeinab Ayan Ahmad, We Are Women Activists (WAWA)

Zeinab Ayan was awarded a Master Degree from Southern New Hampshire, USA for her dedication through research and humanitarian assistance to the most vulnerable women affected by the Tsunami in Hafuu, Bendar-Bayl and floods in the Sanaad region, Iasqoray in 2004. 

She is Executive Director of Ilsan Women Coalition, an organization that works in Puntland regions, focusing on the empowerment of women through education, trainings in leadership, good governance, human rights, gender, HIV/AIDS and professional skills for livelihood development. Zeinab is also Chairlady of Puntland Women in Media Association.

Zeinab also has extensive experience as a consultant for international agencies including, UN Habitat, UNIFEM; CIDA, CARE International and national NGO´s, where she gives advice on leadership, good governance, organizational management, gender, human rights and women´s rights.

She is currently the head of WAWA BOD Management Committee, and WAWA Network Representative for Puntland.



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