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Podcast Series  - G20 Seoul Summit 2010

Podcast Series - G20 Seoul Summit 2010


In 2010, the Club de Madrid and FRIDE, with the support of the German Marshall Fund of the US, the Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung, and the Korean Institute for Economic Policy engaged with the Korean G20 Presidency to analyze the crucial questions to be addressed by the G20. The project culminated in a Report titled “The G20’s Role in the Post-Crisis World”, which offers policy recommendations on crucial questions facing the G20 ranging from ensuring its legitimacy and effectiveness, to reforming international financial institutions, establishing accountability mechanisms, and setting development priorities as the G20 begins to define its future role in the international system. For more information on the report, please click here.

The German Marshall Fund of the United States, within the framework of this project, recorded a series of audio podcasts featuring interviews with our Members involved in the G20 project. 


Jorge Quiroga

Following an event organized by GMF in colaboration with Club de Madrid on December 2, Former Bolivian president and Club de Madrid member Jorge Quiroga sits down with GMF Fellow Kati Suominen to discuss the outcome of the recent G20 Seoul Summit and other major economic issues facing the world.



Carlos Westendorp G20

Sean Mulvaney, Director of the Economic Policy Program at the German Marshall Fund and Carlos Westendorp, Secretary General of the Club de Madrid, discuss the G20’s architecture and its possible future role as a flexible steering group both for political and economic multilateral institutions. In his comments, Mr. Westendorp discusses the importance of the G20 to foster sustainable growth and south-south coordination as instruments for development. The speaker also touches on the possibility of formalizing an outreach process vis-à-vis non-G20 members to ensure the effectiveness and legitimacy of the G20.  



Ricardo Lagos G20

Kati Suominen, GMF Resident Fellow, and Ricardo Lagos, former President of Chile, discuss the evolving role of emerging economies within the G20 and multilateral institutions, particularly the IMF. President Lagos also comments on questions regarding the reform of international financial institutions and the importance of complementing national foreign aid policies with global coordination of development policy priorities at the G20. Furthermore, President Lagos stresses the importance of modernizing multilateral institutions to reflect the realities of the 21st century.



Shipley G20

Kati Suominen, GMF Resident Fellow, and Jenny Shipley, former Prime Minister of New Zealand discuss the importance of free trade and the Doha Round negotiations in achieving the Millennium Development Goals. Prime Minister Shipley also stresses the importance of reforming the governance structures of the IMF and the World Bank, and how  the institutions  interrelate with the G20, to achieve a more equal conversation regarding global economic challenges than has historically been the case within the G8. 

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