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INSPIRED Integrated Support Program for Inclusive Reform and Democratic Dialogue is a programme funded by the European Union concretely by the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR), which aims to support inclusive national dialogue processes in 5 countries by helping local stakeholders to reach agreements in concrete policy areas. INSPIRED operates in Moldova, Tunisia, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco and Ghana. It is implemented simultaneously in the 5 countries over a period of 20 months (Sept. 2012 - May 2014).

The programme combines the knowledge and capacities of local partner organizations with the knowledge and capacities of European organizations, namely the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD) and the Club de Madrid, that have a long track record of supporting political dialogue and strengthening leadership capacities of key policy stakeholders. Club de Madrid participation in the project pivots around the leadership of its membership in providing feedback to local partners in the definition of the roadmaps for policy reform, acting as a sounding board in the definition of civil society’s role in advancing policy change, using its convening power to gather civil society and its access capacity to convey results to EU and local officials.


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The Partners are:

  • European Partnership for Democracy (EPD), Belgium (lead partner)
  • Club de Madrid, Spain
  • Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD), The Netherlands
  • The Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA), Ghana
  • East Europe Foundation (EEF), Moldova
  • Organisation Marocaine des Droits Humains (OMDH), Morocco
  • Centre des Etudes Méditerranéennes et Internationales (CEMI), Tunisia
  • Center for Social Integration Policy (CSIP), Kyrgyzstan – replaced as of 17 September 2013 by the Institute of Constitutional Analysis (ICP), Kyrgyzstan


INSPIRED operationalize the principles laid down by the 2009 Council Conclusions and the Agenda for Action, i.e. Country specific approach, Dialogue and partnership, Coherence and coordination, Mainstreaming and international cooperation and Visibility.

The work agenda of the project includes:

A) Country specific approach

B) Dialogue and partnersh

C) Coherence and coordination

D) Mainstreaming and international cooperation

E) Visibility


Overall Objectives:

The activities of INSPIRED are structured in two levels of intervention:

  1. At the in-country level INSPIRED aims at promoting a culture of dialogue in the five different political contexts where the programme will take place (Overall Objective 1);
  2. At the global level, the action aggregates and coordinates the outcomes of the work developed in-country with a view to developing the Operational Model (Overall Objective 2).

Both objectives are complementary. The implementation of INSPIRED in the five target countries (Tunisia, Morocco, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan and Ghana) will contribute to identifying and systematizing the main features and practical modalities of an operational model. This model will be structured around a virtuous cycle between trust and consensus building in-country and the establishment of priorities for technical assistance and democracy support. To achieve more coherence and effectiveness in EU democracy support; and to increase the involvement of local stakeholders in the development and implementation of EU democracy support policies.

INSPIRED aims to achieve five Specific Objectives:

  1. Generate a culture of dialogue and trust amongst key stakeholders in the democratic political and institutional reform process of selected countries;
  2. Contribute to the development of national roadmaps for political and institutional reform in one locally identified key area, which is sustained by broad political and social consensus;
  3. Contribute to enhancing coherence and coordination of EU policy instruments, while facilitating the process of monitoring and permanent dialogue between the EU and local stakeholders;
  4. Facilitate processes of collective learning (South/South) and the identification of good practice that can inform further EU policy developments in the area of Democracy Support;
  5. Design a comprehensive and replicable methodology (‘Operational Model’) consistent with the recommendations of the 2009 Council Conclusions and its Agenda for Action.

Specific Topics in the five countries

Ghana: Fighting under-representation of women in the political decision-making process

Kyrgyzstan: Access of ethnic minorities to information through state owned media

Moldova: TCFT and the Moldova 2020 Strategy

Morocco: The role of civil society in the political process following the adoption of the new constitution

Tunisia: A roadmap for inclusive economic development and social cohesion


The Club de Madrid’s work during 2013:

  • Programming Workshops and Conferences were organized in the 5 countries (Morocco, Kyrgyzstan, Tunisia, Moldova, and Ghana);
  • Kick-off meeting in Brussels (Brussels, 4-8 March);
  • The Opening Conference in Tunisia titled “Dialogue on Social Justice” was coupled with a Trust Building High Level Mission (Tunis, Tunisia, 11-13 June) led by Club de Madrid Member Petre Roman;
  • The Opening Conference (Bishkek, Kirgizstan 19-20 September) titled “Factor 2015: Kyrgyzstan's willingness to digital broadcasting” followed by a Trust Building High Level Mission (Bishkek, Kirgizstan 19-21 November) led by Club de Madrid Member Kim Campbell.
  • The Mid-Term conference in Morocco from 21-27 Oct. 2013 on “The Role of Moroccan Youth in the advanced Regionalization”.
  • Monitoring and Alignment meeting in Brussels 3-5 December 2013 with INSPIRED partners and the European Commission.


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