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Energy and Climate Change

Energy and Climate Change

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Addressing global climate change and po­verty are the most pressing environmental challenges for humanity, requiring an urgent response. Since 2007, the Club de Madrid has been working on two Climate Change and Energy related fronts:

  • The mobilisation of the political will towards a global effective, efficient and equitable post-2012 climate agreement.
  • The promotion of “universal access to clean energy” as a key contribution to po­verty alleviation.

It has been in this framework that the Club de Madrid continued its Climate Change and Energy activities during different UN Climate Change Conferences, and looking towards the UN Conference on Sustainable Development – Río+20 – in Rio de Janei­ro, 2012, where these global challenges were addressed in an integrated manner under a new paradigm of green growth.

With these initiatives, the Club de Madrid significantly contributed to both interna­tional conferences by looking for action oriented outcomes that set up the future pathways towards a Sustainable Democratic Development. The Club de Madrid, based on the current projects and activities that is implementing, submitted a series of recommendations as its contribution to the Rio+20 process; that brought to the UN Conference in June 2012 during a Rio+20 side event. To access the report of this event, please, click here.

Furthermore, during 2011 and 2012, the Club de Madrid developed different activities building up to a significant and meaningful contribution to the High Level Panel on Global Sustainabili­ty, Durban 2011 and Rio+20. Within this fra­mework, the Club de Madrid has been advo­cating for adequate recognition of:

During the last part of 2012, the Club de Madrid program on Energy for Democracy has focussed on a new initiative to set up the basis of a new “Global Leaders for Climate and Sustainable Development Financing Action” Task Force, through the signatory of the Little Rock Accord  between the Club de Madrid and the P80 Group Foundation. This Task Force will act to mobilize political will to increase the role of public and private sector finance, more specifically pension and sovereign wealth funds, in driving low carbon, climate resilient, sustainable growth and increase investment in the deployment of proven technologies to address climate change challenges and growing resource shortages in the areas of energy, water, clean air and food.  

Given the reality of current trends of climate change and the increasing dependence on fossil fuels, we, the Members of the Club of Madrid, believe the world faces a stark choice: to act now to transform our energy systems or suffer the consequences of run-away global warming including massive flooding, catastrophic storms and spreading disease. This impending crisis demands bold political leadership and immediate action.

(Final Statement of the Club of Madrid, V General Assembly) 

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