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Countries in Action - Moldova and Tunisia

The first countries in action for the LEND Network are Moldova and Tunisia, as countries that are in the process of building a democratic system. The idea is to expand the countries of action of the platform as soon as possible to ensure that many countries could benefit from this new crucial tool. To facilitate the exchange of experiences between leaders in new democracies and leaders who have undergone democratic transitions, the Club de Madrid, generously funded by the Government of Sweden organized two face-to-face meetings that will foster the cooperation among the platform participants, including experts from different countries around the world and Club de Madrid Members.

The first face-to-face meeting in Moldova took place in Chisinau on 15-17 October 2012. The meeting was designed to allow Moldovan representatives firstly to know better the functionalities and opportunities that the LEND virtual platform provides to the users, and to meet face-to-face to discuss in the same way that it can be done through the platform on three main issues of interest to consolidate the democratic system in the Republic of Moldova. In the picture, Member of the Club de Madrid Petre Roman [right] during the meeting in Modova.

The issues discussed in Moldova were Local Governance, Public Administration and Justice Sector Reform; and Security Sector Reform.

Similarly to the event in Moldova, a face-to-face meeting in Tunisia was organized on 20-22 January 2013. During the event, Tunisian representatives from the Government, the Parliament and Civil Society Organizations could learn the opportunities that the platform provides them, as well as to have the opportunity to discuss face-to-face with Club de Madrid Members and International Experts the key issues that they face in the process towards a democratic system, specially on Political Reforms and Good Governance, Economic Reforms and Social Inclusive Development; and Transitional Justice. In the picture, Member of the Club de Madrid Kim Campbell during the meeting in Tunisia.


This events will conclude with a debriefing meeting in Stockholm in the spring of 2013. A selected group of Moldovan and Tunisian representatives will have the opportunity to discuss how to better use the platform to facilitate its use for future possible participants from other countries. Furthermore, this will provide another opportunity to representatives from both countries to have a face-to-face exchange with Club de Madrid Members and International experts on issues of their interest related to their path towards a full consolidation of democracy, a democracy that delivers.

These events have been organized in close cooperation with Community of Democracies. 

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