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Club de Madrid Policy Dialogues

Club de Madrid Policy Dialogues

At least once a year, on the occasion of their General Assembly, Members of the Club de Madrid convene an International High Level Conference where they interact with a variety of actors from governments (at every level), private sector, academia and civil society on a topic of high importance and relevance to the international agenda, and upon which they can have a particular impact. We partner with third parties depending on the topic and we organize our conferences in different parts of the world. Contact us for more information on our evetns and conferences.



XIV General Assembly | World Leadership Alliance-Club de Madrid 2015 Conference 

The Global Policy Dialogue on Preventing & Countering Violent Extremism

27 - 28 October, 2015 | Madrid, Spain

A Club de Madrid Policy Dialogue organized in collaboration with the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence (ICSR)


XIII General Assembly | World Leadership Alliance-Club de Madrid 2014 Conference

Democracy and Human Rights in Decline? A Call to Action

23-25 November, 2014 | Florence, Italy

A Conference organized by Club de Madrid & Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights


XII General Assembly | World Leadership Alliance-Club de Madrid 2013 Conference

Societies that Work. Jobs for Inclusive Growth. A Call to the G-20

7-8 December 2013 | Coolum Beach, Australia



Club de Madrid South Caucasus Forum

Promoting Women's Empowerment and Shared Societies in Azerbaijan

5-8 May, 2013 | Ganja-Baku, Azerbaijan







XI General Assembly / Club de Madrid 2012 Conference:

Harnessing 21st Century Solutions: A Focus on Women

Little Rock, Arkansas. United States. 17-18 December 2012

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Club de Madrid Asia-Pacific Forum

Building a More Resilient Pacific in the 21st Century World Order

5-6 July, 2012 | Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia
























X General Assembly / Club de Madrid 2011 Conference:

Digital Technologies for 21st Century Democracy

X Anniversary Gala Dinner

7-9 November 2011, New York, USA.

The Club de Madrid reached a special milestone in 2011: ten years of building democracy that delivers. Over the last decade, our Members have shared their expertise and knowledge with leaders around the globe, strengthening upcoming democratic governments and thus making a definite, long-term improvement in the lives of thousands. We celebrated this 10th anniversary in November 2011 with two flagship events in New York City:

During the Conference, some of the world’s most experienced and inspirational political and business leaders, policy makers and scholars took an in-depth look at the opportunities and challenges posed by the increasingly complex relationships between governments, their citizens and communication technologies – particularly as we aim for greater liberties and democracies that deliver. We discussed how big data and networks are revolutionizing governance and democracy and outline a series of principles for the implementation of 21st century democracy.

At the 10th Anniversary Gala Dinner we presented our Democratic Leadership Award, which recognizes an individual’s firm commitment with the consolidation of democratic values, human rights, good governance, and the promotion of sustainable, socio-economic development through democratic means, to President Bill Clinton, also Member of the Club de Madrid.

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IX General Assembly / Special Open Session:

Reconstruction and Democratic Development: The Case of Haiti

4-5 November, 2010, Representation of the European Commission in Spain (Madrid)

Under the theme "Reconstruction and Democratic Development: The Case of Haiti”, thirty former Heads of State and Government met with high level experts to discuss the challenges of the institutional reconstruction process of Haiti.

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VIII General Assembly / Club de Madrid 2009 Conference:

The Political Dimensions of the World Economic Crisis

12-13 November, 2009, Palacio de Congresos, Madrid

Under the theme "The Political Dimensions of the World Economic Crisis" over 100 former and current Heads of State and Government and economics and social affairs experts convened to discuss the challenges of the current crisis, challenges that are systemic and far from limited to financial institutions. The gathering was an unprecedented opportunity to rethink the entrenched ways in which leaders have been doing things and to promote reforms to achieve a more democratic model.

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VII General Assembly

Global Forum on Leadership for Shared Societies

12-14 November, 2008, Rotterdam

The Forum was a subcomponent of the Club of Madrid’s Shared Societies Project, a two-year initiative designed in response to a call from leaders worldwide for options and action plans to address the challenge of coexistence that every society faces. IThe event was hosted by the Club of Madrid and the City of Rotterdam, with the support of the Comunidad de Madrid.



VI General Assembly / Club de Madrid 2007 Conference:

Democratizing Energy: Geopolitics and Power

19-20 November, 2007, Instituto Cervantes, Madrid

Under the theme “Democratizing Energy: Geopolitics and Power”, Members and Advisors of the Club of Madrid joined high-level representatives of governments and intergovernmental organisations, the private sector and civil society from more than 20 countries to discuss current energy concerns.


V General Assembly / Club de Madrid 2006 Conference:

The Challenges of Energy and Democratic Leadership

20-21 October 2006, Spanish Senate, Madrid

The Annual Conference, with the title "The Challenges of Energy and Democratic Leadership", brought together the political expertise and experience of CoM Members, with energy experts with the aim of formulating practical policy recommendations for governments, international organizations, energy-related industry and consumers.


International Summit on Democracy, Security and Terrorism

8-11 March 2005, Madrid, Spain



IV General Assembly / Club de Madrid 2005 Conference:

Democracy in the Post Communist World: Unfinished Business

10-12 November 2005, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Prague

Under the title “Democracy in the Post Communist World: Unfinished Business". What has been learned and how can it be applied?” this conference studied the trajectories and contrasting outcomes of transitions to democracy in the former communist countries.     



III General Assembly / Club de Madrid 2004 Conference:

Democracies in danger: Diagnoses and Prescriptions

12-13 November 2004, Parliament Building, Madrid

The Conference analysed the threats that increasingly besiege both emerging and consolidated democratic systems – “Democracies in danger: Diagnoses and Prescriptions”. Their internal and external causes were examined with a view to formulating concrete recommendations on mitigating and preventive methods.


II General Assembly / Club de Madrid 2003 Conference:

The role of the International Monetary Fund and its Contribution to Democratic Governance

1-2 November 2003, Palace Hotel, Madrid

The theme of the conference was “The role of the International Monetary Fund and its Contribution to Democratic Governance” through the analysis of the cases of Brazil, Poland and Korea. There was a final round table discussion on the relations of the IMF with the G7 and other developed countries, and their influence on IMF policies and programs.


I General Assembly

26 October 2002, Palace Hotel, Madrid

In the first General Assembly, Club of Madrid members declared their commitment to defend and consolidate democratic practices and institutions, to foster and support transitions to democracy, and to encourage those people for whom democracy remains a hope thought not yet a reality.  That commitment is still the lodestar for the work of the Club of Madrid.









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