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Club de Madrid Asia-Pacific Forum




“Building a More Resilient Pacific in the 21st Century World Order”
5th – 6th July, 2012
Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia


For the first time in its 10 years of existence, the Club de Madrid is heading to the Pacific and will organize, with the Government of French Polynesia, its Asia Pacific Forum 2012. Together with brilliant experts and inspirational leaders from across the region, Members of the Club de Madrid will discuss strategies to promote greater socio-economic development in the Pacific and make the region more resilient, connected to the world and deliver to its citizens.

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  • Leaders believe the Pacific region can, should and will be a region of peace, harmony, security and economic prosperity, so that all of its people can lead free and worthwhile lives.
  • We treasure the diversity of the Pacific and seek a future in which its cultures, traditions and religious beliefs are valued, honoured and developed.
  • We seek a Pacific region that is respected for the quality of its governance, the sustainable management of its resources, the full observance of democratic values and for its defence and promotion of human rights.
  • We seek partnerships with our neighbours and beyond to develop our knowledge, to improve our communications and to ensure a sustainable economic existence for all.


List of Participants


With Western countries weakened by a severe economic and financial crisis, and emerging economies in Asia and Latin America significantly raising their levels of development, the 21st century today offers us perspectives for a more balanced world order and hopes for a greater sharing of responsibility in the international decision-making process.

In this shifting panorama, multiple opportunities have arisen for the Pacific Islands countries to respond to the social, economic, political and environmental challenges they are facing and to have a greater voice on the international stage. From climate change to social cohesion, from sustainable economic growth to strong and stable political institutions, leaders of the Pacific lie at a crossroads of decisions that may ultimately determine a prosperous future for their populations.

Within this context, and together with the Government of French Polynesia, the Club de Madrid has convened an Asia Pacific Forum – the first major forum the organization has ever held in the Asia Pacific – aimed at identifying and discussing strategies to promote greater socio-economic development in the Pacific and render the region more resilient, connected to the world and capable of effectively delivering to its citizens.

These open and frank discussions will gather about 80 participants, including Members of the Club de Madrid, representatives from the Government of French Polynesia and other Pacific Islands, as well as regional and international multilateral institutions, the academia and civil society.

After a broad presentation of the challenges – geopolitical, socio-economic and environmental –faced by the Pacific in the 21st century, the flow of the Forum will be two-tracked. The first track will address strategies to boost economic growth, particularly through infrastructure development, tourism, education, innovation and technology, taking into account the region’s vulnerability to climate change and its dependence on energy imports.

The second track will strongly complement the latter, focusing on the socio-political aspects of development, and covering issues from tribalism, racism and traditions in the Pacific to empowerment, and institutional accountability.

Conclusions of the discussions will be formally presented by the President of French Polynesia Temaru to the 43rd Meeting of the Pacific Islands Forum (27-31 August 2012, Cook Islands) and other relevant bodies working towards effective, inclusive and sustainable development in the Pacific Islands.

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