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A European Perspective

The political dimensions of the financial crisis are still being played out. Judging their impact requires much speculation for the present. But the outlines of the challenges are beginning to be detectable. As stated by Ricardo Lagos, President of the Club of Madrid ‘Politics is back’. Politically, Europe is embroiled in the financial crisis at three different levels. A first concern is with the impact of the financial crisis on the politics of integration within Europe itself. As second issue relates to the way in which the crisis threatens to pull the European Union (EU) back from a broadly liberal policy in its external economic relations and its views on multilateralism. A third trend is towards a less cosmopolitan political dimension of European foreign policies.

On March 26, 2009, the Club of Madrid launched its programme on ‘The Political Dimensions of the World Economic Crisis’ with a Roundtable focusing on the European perspective of this crisis. This event gathered Club of Madrid Members, all democratically elected former Heads of State or government, with high-level representatives of intergovernmental organisations, civil society and academia, to discuss these issues.



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