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2011 - French Presidency


In 2011 the Club de Madrid was proud to renew collaboration with the French G20 Presidency.  In this occasion Club de Madrid Members, G20 Sherpas, policy makers and academia met again to consider three new priority areas and identify recommendations to be presented to the President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, in preparation of the Cannes G20 Summit. The three themes that were analyzed were:

i)       Food security

ii)      Innovative financing for development

iii)     Energy

Two policy-briefs were prepared under each theme by internationally renowned experts and representatives of both multilateral and non-governmental organizations. Members of the Club de Madrid met with these experts and other G20 stakeholders, including representatives of the French G20 team, on September 8th in Paris,  to analyze these papers and identify the best recommendations to contribute towards sustainable and balanced growth. These recommendations were then discussed in a working lunch between president Sarkozy and the Members of the Club de Madrid held at the Elysée Palace on September 9th.



We wish to acknowledge and thank the following organizations that make this initiative possible:


 G20 Club de Madrid, France

FES Club de Madrid


The Club of Madrid would also like to thank Brookings Institution, the OECD, FAO and the Spanish Embassy in Paris for their important collaboration.

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