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The Club of Madrid and FRIDE will act as advisers of the G20 Summit

August 11, 2010

Both Madrid-based organizations will present their recommendations to the Korean government during the upcoming months and prior to the November summit


The Club of Madrid and FRIDE will be involved in the upcoming G20 Summit by presenting a series of recommendations and working papers during preparatory meetings in Seoul with the host government.

The organizations will concentrate their efforts on achieving the adoption of a broader agenda of issues closely linked to the objectives already established and with a global and long term perspective, during the summit of the 19 countries and the European Union.

The Korean government should offer international representatives of the G20 an ambitious but pragmatic proposal of topics, maintaining the commitments already agreed, especially those related to the financial crisis management, but focusing also in other important areas such as the strengthening of global governance and development.

The main recommendations of the Club of Madrid and FRIDE towards the Seoul summit are:

  • Show that the G20 can contribute to tangible progress on reform of the International Financial Institutions (IFIs) by fulfilling its commitments.
  • Gain agreement on measures to respond better to future crises
  • Take steps toward institutionalising the G20
  • Begin to prepare a programme of work on post-crisis systemic imbalances.
  • Propose a system to systematically incorporate other formal multilateral institutions within G20 summits.
  • Propose more structured pre-summit dialogue with non-state actors and regional constituencies.
  • A more determined, but also more creative stance must be taken on global free trade.
  • The G20 should encourage a broader understanding of economic development.
  • Foster South-South coordination and cooperation.

The G20 Summit, which takes place 11 - 12 November in Seoul, will be the first overseen by a non-G8 country, which represents a unique opportunity to enhance the body’s credibility and broden its appeal.



The Club of Madrid promotes “Leadership for Democracy that Delivers.” It is an independent organization dedicated to strengthening democratic values and leadership around the world to meet political challenges at the local, national, regional and global level. Drawing on the unique experience and resources of its Members – more than 70 democratic former heads of state and government from 50 countries– and in partnership with organizations, governments and individuals that share its goals, the Club of Madrid addresses issues of global concern and provides peer to peer counsel, strategic support and technical advice to leaders and institutions working to further democratic development. The Club of Madrid constitutes the world’s largest forum of former Presidents and Prime Ministers and offers today’s leaders an unequalled body of knowledge and political leadership.

FRIDE is a think tank based in Madrid that aims to provide the best and most innovative thinking on Europe’s role in the international arena. It strives to break new ground in its core research interests of peace and security, human rights, democracy promotion, and development and humanitarian aid, and mould debate in governmental and non-governmental bodies through rigorous analysis, rooted in the values of justice, equality and democracy.



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