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The Club de Madrid in the World Mayors Summit on Climate

The Club de Madrid in the World Mayors Summit on Climate

November 21, 2010

21 November 2010, Mexico City, Mexico — The Club de Madrid Member and President of the Republica of Mauritius (1992 - 1997, 1997 - 2002), Cassam Uteem, was a key speaker in the World Majors Summit on Climate on 21 November 2010 in Mexico City.

During the Summit, the Club de Madrid supported the launch of a new iniciative: "carbonn" and its Cities Climate Registry, which allows to measure, register and compare the greenhouse gas emissions at local level, as well as to register the activities that cities and local governments are putting in place to mitigate and adapt to climate change. With this, cities have started a MRV (measurable, reportable and verifiable) system which leads to the information of their emissions reductions and the means to achieve them.

The Club de Madrid member President Uteem highlighted the need to facilitate financial mechanisms that allows cities to be more active in their key role in combating climate change, and made a special call to the African cities, recalling to the participants the climate vulnerability of the continent and the minimum responsability that it had in causing the climate change problem.

During the Summit, more than 140 mayors and high level representatives of local governments signed the Mexico City Pact. The signatories of the Pact establish a series of voluntary commitments to promote strategies and actions to mitigiate greenhouse gas emissions and the adaptation of the cities to the climate change impacts. In addition, the signatories of the Mexico City Pact are commited to register their climate actions in the Cities Climate Registry elaborated and manages by the Bonn Center for loval climate action and reporting (carbonn).

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  • Cassam UteemPresident of the Republic of Mauritius (1992-1997, 1997- 2002) and Vice-President of the Club de Madrid

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