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Interview with Sadiq Al Mahdi: "Islam advocates for peace, diversity and pluralism"

Interview with Sadiq Al Mahdi: "Islam advocates for peace, diversity and pluralism"

July 11, 2014

Democracy champion and Member of the Club de Madrid, Sadiq Al Mahdi, spent a day in the capital of Spain after his recent release from a Khartum jail. He was unfairly imprisioned under accusations of treason. During his visit, the former Prime Minister of Sudan spoke with Spanish newspaper El Mundo, and advocated for a moderated Islam and a shared societies approach to solving the conflicts that are harming Sudan and all the region.

In the interview, in spanish, he stresses that the real Islam is moderate, rejects any kind of violence and advocates for diversity and pluralism. A Shared Society is, according to Al Mahdi, more needed and relevant than ever, as well as the work of the Club de Madrid. According to Al Mahdi, the organization is the only one able to provide an objective diagnosis and prescription to advance towards democracies that delivers as their Members are no longer politicaly constrained. The situation in the Middle East, the raising of the radicalism and fanatism and the inestability not just in his home country, Sudan, but in all the region are analyzed by Mr Al Mahdi, one of the most respected voices of the Club de Madrid

Click here to read the full interview

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