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Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Member of the Club de Madrid, wins Kluge Prize

Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Member of the Club de Madrid, wins Kluge Prize

May 16, 2012

Fernando Henrique Cardoso - President of Brazil (1995-2003), Member and President (2003-2006) of the Club de Madrid wins the prestigious John W. Kluge Prize for the Study of Humanity awarded by the Library of Congress (United States).

The Club de Madrid expresses its sincerest congratulations on this occasion to Fernando Henrique Cardoso. As James H. Billington, the librarian of Congress, said when announcing the prize: “It’s not just that he’s the first person with a personal political career of consequence to win this award, it’s that he is also a full representative of what we call a social scientist. If you want to make an American comparison, he is like Jefferson, playing a key role in building a democracy on a scholarly foundation.” 

Cardoso has won this US$ 1 million prize because "his scholarly analysis of the social structures of government, the economy and race relations in Brazil laid the intellectual groundwork for his leadership as president in the transformation of Brazil from a military dictatorship with high inflation into a vibrant, more inclusive democracy with strong economic growth".

When: July 10 in the Library’s Thomas Jefferson Building, Washington DC.

Cardoso is the first prize recipient whose work spans the fields of sociology, political science, and economics.

Further information in the Library of Congress website

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