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Club de Madrid Welcomes Southern Sudan to the Community of Nations

Club de Madrid Welcomes Southern Sudan to the Community of Nations

July 11, 2011

The Club de Madrid welcomes Southern Sudan as the new member of the community of nations. In the referendum of January 2011 the citizens of Southern Sudan democratically expressed their aim for independence. We now call on the leadership of the new country to build on that exercise and create the institutions that will set up a democracy that delivers.

 We are aware of the many challenges the new country faces. We want to make the political experience of the Club de Madrid membership –83 former democratic leaders from over 55 countries– available to support the democratic development  of the new country. We call on the international community to continue and increase their efforts to provide humanitarian aid at both sides of the new border, and nurture the development of the institutions and capacities that will help Sudanese and Southern Sudanese free from the dependency of aid.

We encourage the peaceful resolution of the important pending matters between Southern Sudan and Sudan and call on both parties to avoid the use of any form of violence and work towards a sustainable future in the region. 

We know from experience that the active role of women in the political, economic and social life of any country is not only an established right, but also an asset for the country as a whole. We also know the ethnic diversity of Southern Sudan, rather than a divisive tool for political aspirations, can be a source of richness and wealth if correctly managed. We therefore invite all citizens of Southern Sudan, and their leadership in particular, to ensure the equal participation and inclusion of all in the development of the country, including those who sought refuge abroad.

The independence of Southern Sudan brings to an end the enormous suffering the region has seen over the last several decades of war. Conflict has hindered economic prosperity and denied people the opportunity to seek their own future and happiness. Many lives have been lost, which is a defeat for all. Southern Sudan is now compelled to prevent further suffering and is challenged with reversing past trend and bringing prosperity and hope for the new citizens. 

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