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Club de Madrid in support of the people of Norway

Club de Madrid in support of the people of Norway

July 23, 2011

Our souls are saddened and our hearts in pain after the killing of 76 people in Norway last July 22. An aggression on any nation is an aggression on all nations. An injury to one human being is an injury on all humanity.

All lives are infinite and each one of them ought to be shielded from hate or violence. But when it is the life of youth that is attacked, it is our mere future that is assailed. We will never be able to console enough the families and friends of those who were killed, but we will stand by their side, and ensure that the victims will always be remembered and that their deaths will not be lead to hate. Through our colleague Club de Madrid Members and former Prime Ministers of Norway Bondevik and Brundtland we want to extend to an each and every citizen of Norway our sympathy and support.

Terrorism is an attack on democracy and human rights. No cause justifies the targeting of peaceful citizens. We firmly reject any ideology that guides the actions of terrorists. Democratic principles and values are essential tools in the fight against terrorism. Any successful strategy for dealing with terrorism requires terrorist to be isolated in their actions. This is why our admiration goes to the people of Norway and their leadership as they deal with pain through courage and solidarity and not rage or wrath. We shall defeat violence because it harms us all and because it leads to nowhere; and we shall do so with the democratic means that we have given ourselves, because they denote our humanity and uphold our dignity as well as that of the victims.

From the Madrid Agenda on the fight against terrorism. 

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