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Andrés Pastrana, new president of the Centrist Democrat International

Andrés Pastrana, new president of the Centrist Democrat International

July 14, 2015

Club de Madrid Member and former President of Colombia (1998-2002), Andrés Pastrana, has been elected in a summit in Ciudad de Mexico as the new President of the Centrist Democrat International. Young people participation and women empowerment, democracy transition in Cuba, the fight against inequality and drug trafficking will be among the newly elected President’s goals.

The decision was taken at the meeting of leaders of 76 Christian Democrat and Social Christian political parties from all continents who met in plenary to elect their new president. This time, the meeting took place at the national headquarters of the conservative National Action Party (PAN) in the Mexican capital. Member Club of Madrid and former Lebanese President Amine Gemayel was also present as associate of the IDC.

In his first public appearance as president of the Centrist Democrat International, Andrés Pastrana stressed the need for women and young people to have a greater role in public life. He also noted what should be the priority areas of work of the IDC: "There are fundamental issues that continue to raise concerns such as the environment, the fight against populism, corruption and terrorism," said Pastrana, member of the Colombian Conservative Party (PCC).

The arrival of democracy to Cuba, the joining of forces in the global fight against drug trafficking, "a problem that is neither from Colombia nor Mexico," or the fight against poverty and climate change will also be crucial points of his work as head of the IDC.

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