Democracy That Delivers
Hurtado, Osvaldo

Hurtado, Osvaldo

President of Ecuador (1981-1984)


What should Venezuela do to become a United Nations Human Rights Council Member?

Today, the undersigned, former heads of state and government, who are members of the Club de Madrid, called on the UN General Assembly to grant Venezuela a second term as a member of the UN Human Rights Council only if Venezuela frees individuals detained for political reasons and accepts an impartial mission of electoral observers to monitor the upcoming elections. Photo credit: AP


Open Letter: from Club de Madrid to the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

We, Members of Club de Madrid, an independent organization at the service of Democracy and the promotion of its values worldwide, comprising more than a hundred democratic former Heads of State and Government from over 70 countries, express our deepest concern for the difficult social, economic and political situation in Venezuela.

Club de Madrid Annual Conference identifies 13 sets of proposals to foster job creation and inclusive growth

Key conclusions and ideas will be presented to the Australian G20 Presidency

The Club de Madrid on the Occassion of the World Refugee Day

The Club de Madrid Members delegation participating at the 100th International Labour Conference in Geneva, Prime Ministers Wim Kok and Abdulkarim Al-Eryani, as well as Presidents Osvaldo Hurtado and Olusegun Obasanjo, paid Club de Madrid Member and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio Guterres, a courtesy visit. 

A New Era of Social Justice

15 June 2011, Geneva, Switzerland – Five Members of the Club de Madrid (Former heads of state and government from Ecuador, Ghana, Nigeria, Yemen and the Netherlands) addressed the need for a new era of social justice and sustainable and shared societies in the wake of the global financial and jobs crisis during two special events held at 100th International Labour Conference on 14 and 15 June at the Palais de Nations.

Lessons from the recent crisis for building sustainable and shared societies: Implications for the ILO” on Tuesday, 14 June

The need for a new era of social justice” on Wednesday, 15 June

Read article by Wim Kok, President of the Club de Madrid


2009 Annual Conference of the Club of Madrid

The main annual event of the organization, held in Madrid on 12-13 November 2009, concluded with a call for more and better democracy that delivers.

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