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Bachelet, Michelle

Bachelet, Michelle

President of Chile (2006-2010)


Congratulations to our member Michelle Bachelet, elected President of Chile

Michelle Bachelet, a member of the Club of Madrid, has been re-elected as President of Chile this past Sunday December 15th.

As The New York Times highlights in its article: “Michelle Bachelet has put forth an ambitious package of proposals that would, among other things, increase corporate taxes, expand access to higher education and overhaul the 1980 Constitution”. The Club of Madrid expresses its sincerest congratulations on this occasion, and wishes her all the best in the years ahead. We are convinced her experience, knowledge and leadership will turn this challenge into a success.



Michelle Bachelet steps down as head of UN WOMEN

Michelle Bachelet, also a Club de Madrid Member, had informed Secretary General of the UN, Ban Ki-moon, of her intention to step down as head of the United Nations entity mandated to promote gender equality.

Bachelet: “This year on International Women’s Day, we say enough is enough"

UN WOMEN Excutive Director and Club de Madrid Member Michelle Bachelet calls for action on ending violence against women in message for International Women’s Day. Watch here her message (english version)

The #FutureWeWant

The central message coming from the Club de Madrid official high-level side event “Sustainable Development in an Unequal world” in Rio+20 is that environmental justice requires social justice and social justice cannot be achieved without greater equality of income and wealth between countries and within countries. The event focused on the relationship and interdependence between the economy, social justice and the environment. It addressed the high and increasing worldwide inequality between those who pollute most through wasteful use of natural resources, and those who suffer the effects of pollution. It pointed to the fact that the world´s most affluent one billion people have a lifestyle which negatively affects and pollutes the other six billion´s air, water, land, foodstuffs and undermines their right to a decent life.

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