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Chinchilla Miranda, Laura

Chinchilla Miranda, Laura

President of Costa Rica (2010-2014)


UN Secretary General discusses global democracy challenges with Club de Madrid

A 12 Member Club de Madrid delegation led by its President, Vaira Vike-Freiberga, met with United Nations Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, founding Member of the Club de Madrid, at the United Nations headquarters in New York City.

"You were ahead of time", J. Sachs at the Shared Societies Project X Anniversary

The Shared Societies Project celebrated its tenth anniversary with a commemoration dinner attended by 35 invitees. Amongst them, 10 Club de Madrid Members, all of them former Presidents and Prime Ministers from America, Europe and Oceania and the economist Jeffrey Sachs, director of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network.

Vicente Fox advocates for a human rights approach to the migration phenomena

The President of Mexico and CdM Member, Vicente Fox, along with his fellow organization's Members Quiroga, Chinchilla, Frei, Lacalle and L. Fernandez, stressed the need to focus on strenghening the citezens participation and defended migration as a right not as a privilege ath the first Latinamerican Forum for an Inclusive Democracy hold this week in Guanajuato, Mexico.

Vicente Fox hosts the Latinamerican Forum for an Inclusive Democracy in Guanajuato, Mexico

This Forum (26-28 March) will analyze the challenges of democracy and social inclusion that America Latina is and will be facing in the upcoming years. The line up of former Presidents and CdM Members that will attend the meeting include Jorge Quiroga (Bolivia), Laura Chinchilla (Costa Rica), , Luis Alberto Lacalle, (Uruguay), Eduardo Frei (Chile) y Leonel Fernández (Dominicana).


Nine ex Latinamerican Presidents ask for a new social contract in International Democracy Day

'A new social contract for a next generation democracy' is the name of the article published today by several Latinamerican newspapers across the region. It's been signed by former leaders and current Club de Madrid Members Arias, Cardoso, Chinchilla, Fox, Frei, Lacalle, Lagos, Sanguinetti y Zedillo. They specifically address the need to fight against inequalties and recover the citizen's confindence in democracy. (Article available only in Spanish)


Laura Chinchilla at the ECOSOC: "We believe in societies that are not owned by one sector but belong to everyone"

Club de Madrid Member Laura Chinchilla participated as keynote speaker at the 2016 ECOSOC High-level Segment Thematic Dialogue ‘Sustainable infrastructure for all’ on Thursday, 21 July 2016. The former President of Costa Rica delivered a powerful speech in which she advocated for the Shared Societes concept, stating that We believe in societies that are not owned by any one sector of society but belong to everyone'. She also addressed the urgency of thinking in 'infraestructures that respond for people's needs and respect the minimun rules to avoid enviromental damage'. 

Environmental Sustainability and Shared Societies Working Group Holds Second Meeting

The Club de Madrid´s Environmental Sustainability and Shared Societies Working Group held their second meeting April 18 and 19th in Madrid. The Working Group was formed to explore and advocate for a holistic approach to development that integrates social, economic and environmental dimensions to create sustainable development and a Shared Societies. The Shared Societies Project is a Club de Madrid global initiative that has identified the necessity of creating a truly inclusive and response society that meets the interests of all sectors.

How can we achieve societies with inclusive, sustainable & resilient prosperity? Read here Laura Chinchilla's ideas

'A new vision for growth should be framed within broad parameters of human development, sustainability, and equality, which are non-negotiable' Laura Chinchilla has said at the first Shared Societies Project working group devoted to study the link between enviromental sustainability and inclusiveness This meeting started today at the GreenTree Foundation (New York) and will close tomorrow with the intervention, among others, of Zlakko Lagumdzja, former Prime Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Three world leaders will lead the first meeting on Enviromental Sustainability and Shared Societies

The Club de Madrid, through its Shared Societies Project, has established a working group to examine the link between Shared Societies and environmental sustainability. Members Laura Chinchilla, ex President of Costa Rica; Zlatko Lagumdzijaex Prime Minister of Bosnia & Herzegovina and Mary Robinson, ex President of Ireland, will lead the discussion on wheter a shared society is more likely to promote sustainability and the assumption that a sustainable society is more likely to facilitate social inclusion.

Ten former presidents and 50 experts tackle the challegues of the Next Generation Democracy in the Americas

The fight against inequality, poverty corruption and violence plus, the ethical renovation of political parties were identified as the main challengues to be faced in the Americas in a three day forum held in Bogotá. The President of the Republic of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos and 10 former Presidents and Members of the Club de Madrid, contributed to the discussions

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