Democracy That Delivers
Annan, Kofi

Annan, Kofi

Secretary General of the United Nations (1997-2007)


President Juan Manuel Santos awarded Nobel Peace Prize

Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos has been awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts and mediation in his country’s peace process.

Club de Madrid hails the progress on the reconciliation process in Myanmar

With the completion of the 21 Century Panglong Conference and the appointment of the members of the Rakine State Advisory Commission, which will be chaired by our honorary member, Kofi Annan, Club de Madrid is pleased to see the progress that is being made on the process of reconciliation and peace building in Myanmar.

Club de Madrid Annual Conference identifies 13 sets of proposals to foster job creation and inclusive growth

Key conclusions and ideas will be presented to the Australian G20 Presidency

Kofi Annan: "Young people have paid the heaviest price in terms of lost jobs and dashed prospects"

The former Secretary General of the United Nations (1997-2007) and Honorary Member of the Club de Madrid centred in youth employment its video intervention in our Annual Conference, 'Societies that Work. Jobs for Inclusive Growth: A Call to the G-20'

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2009 Annual Conference of the Club of Madrid

The main annual event of the organization, held in Madrid on 12-13 November 2009, concluded with a call for more and better democracy that delivers.

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