Democracy That Delivers
Figueres, José María

Figueres, José María

President of Costa Rica (1994-1998)


Haiti -  political stability is a must and a prerequisite for investment

From Feb. 26-29, a Club de Madrid delegation led by Pres. José María Figueres of Costa Rica and Club de Madrid’s Vice-President and former President of Bolivia Jorge Fernando Quiroga, was in Port-au-Prince to discuss with public officials, entrepreneurs and members of the international community, the potential for investment in eco-tourism and mining in Haiti.

Club de Madrid in support of the Climate Vulnerable Countries in the Dhaka ministerial Forum

Dhaka, 14 November 2011 – The Club de Madrid Member, José María Figueres (President of Costa Rica, 1994-1998) supported the common position of the Climate Vulnerable Forum together with UN Secretary General, Ban-Ki Moon in Bangladesh.

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2009 Annual Conference of the Club of Madrid

The main annual event of the organization, held in Madrid on 12-13 November 2009, concluded with a call for more and better democracy that delivers.

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