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Cardoso, Fernando Henrique

Cardoso, Fernando Henrique

President of Brazil (1995-2003) • Former President of the Club of Madrid


Cardoso, González, Sanguinetti and Lagos, participants of the XVIII Foro Iberoamérica which starts today in Buenos Aires

Fernando Henrique Cardoso, former President of Brazil and the first world leader who presided the WLA-CdM, will give the opening speech of the Forum. At the opening, the Secretary General of the OEA, Luis Almagro, will also speak. The event convenes every year former heads of State, intelectuals, business people and leaders from the region.

Nine ex Latinamerican Presidents ask for a new social contract in International Democracy Day

'A new social contract for a next generation democracy' is the name of the article published today by several Latinamerican newspapers across the region. It's been signed by former leaders and current Club de Madrid Members Arias, Cardoso, Chinchilla, Fox, Frei, Lacalle, Lagos, Sanguinetti y Zedillo. They specifically address the need to fight against inequalties and recover the citizen's confindence in democracy. (Article available only in Spanish)


What should Venezuela do to become a United Nations Human Rights Council Member?

Today, the undersigned, former heads of state and government, who are members of the Club de Madrid, called on the UN General Assembly to grant Venezuela a second term as a member of the UN Human Rights Council only if Venezuela frees individuals detained for political reasons and accepts an impartial mission of electoral observers to monitor the upcoming elections. Photo credit: AP


Open Letter: from Club de Madrid to the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

We, Members of Club de Madrid, an independent organization at the service of Democracy and the promotion of its values worldwide, comprising more than a hundred democratic former Heads of State and Government from over 70 countries, express our deepest concern for the difficult social, economic and political situation in Venezuela.

Global leaders forge alliance with global business leaders

The Club de Madrid and the World Economic Council took a decisive step forward today, joining forces to formally create the new World Leadership Alliance. 

Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Member of the Club de Madrid, wins Kluge Prize

Fernando Henrique Cardoso - President of Brazil (1995-2003), Member and President (2003-2006) of the Club de Madrid wins the prestigious John W. Kluge Prize for the Study of Humanity awarded by the Library of Congress (United States).

The Club de Madrid expresses its sincerest congratulations on this occasion to Fernando Henrique Cardoso. As James H. Billington, the librarian of Congress, said when announcing the prize: “It’s not just that he’s the first person with a personal political career of consequence to win this award, it’s that he is also a full representative of what we call a social scientist. If you want to make an American comparison, he is like Jefferson, playing a key role in building a democracy on a scholarly foundation.” 

Time to end the war on drugs?

Yesterday took place in London a very interesting debate on whether or not to end the war on drugs. The event was organized by Intelligence Squared, broadcasted live on YouTube and open to everybody thanks to Google+. Our members Vicente Fox and Fernando Henrique Cardoso stood for the end of the war on drugs.


Iranian representatives thank the Club de Madrid for the letter sent to Ali Khāmene’I

Former members of the Iranian Parliament and current opposition thanked the Club de Madrid for its March 16 letter to Ayatollah Ali Khāmene’I through which it expressed its concern about the abduction of Mr. Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mr. Mehdi Karoubi, former Prime Minister and Parliament Speaker of Iran and prominent candidates to the presidential elections, together with their respective wives. “Having received considerable echo within international and national media, this initiative was felt as a crucial support for all those fighting for freedom in Iran”, they say.   

2009 Annual Conference of the Club of Madrid

The main annual event of the organization, held in Madrid on 12-13 November 2009, concluded with a call for more and better democracy that delivers.

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