Democracy That Delivers
Calderón, Felipe

Calderón, Felipe

President of Mexico (2006-2012)


Club de Madrid supports the #InspiringTunisia campaign for a democracy that delivers

Thirteen Club de Madrid Members, all of them democractically elected former Presidents and Prime Ministers from all over the world, have signed the manifesto "Inspiring Tunisia; Translating Words Into Actions" to endorse a positive narrative about the country, and help the Tunisia2020 conference succeed.

Thirty Club de Madrid Members back the Varkey Foundation initiative to restore teacher respect

The Varkey Foundation and Club de Madrid have joined forces to publish this open letter from leaders around the world in which they warned that an erosion in respect for the teaching profession could lead to “profoundly damaging” effects on young people’s life chances and a rise in extremism.The Club de Madrid Members, lead by its President, Vaira Vike-Freiberga, former President of Latvia, are calling on governments around the world to protect and value teachers, and play their part in restoring the respect that teachers so richly deserve. 

Open Letter: from Club de Madrid to the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

We, Members of Club de Madrid, an independent organization at the service of Democracy and the promotion of its values worldwide, comprising more than a hundred democratic former Heads of State and Government from over 70 countries, express our deepest concern for the difficult social, economic and political situation in Venezuela.

2015 must be the year of the institutional reconstruction for Haiti

A Club de Madrid high level mission lead by former Presidents Felipe Calderon (Mexico) and Jorge Quiroga (Bolivia) gathered different analysis of the political and institutional situation and conveyed a message highlighting the importance of inclusive dialogue and trust building in the political process with a clear aim: overcome the current institutional crisis featured by a dysfunctional parliament through ensuring the holding of free, transparent and inclusive elections in 2015

Felipe Calderón and Jorge Quiroga lead the fourth Club de Madrid/European Union mission to Haiti

With the country undergoing an institutional, pre-electoral crisis, the Club de Madrid wishes to gather the different analysis of the situation and convey during this three days mission (27-29, January) a message highlighting the importance of inclusive dialogue and confidence building in the political process for the national good. 

 Vaira Vike Freiberga, new World Leadership Alliance-Club de Madrid President

The former President of Latvia (1997-2007) was elected by the organization's General Assembly, which has also approved the election of five new Members (Felipe Calderón, Alain Juppé, James Mancham, George Papandreou and Danilo Turk) and two Honoray Members (Javier Solana and Enrique V. Iglesias)

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