Democracy That Delivers

Álvarez-Couceiro, Antonio

Secretary General Ad Honorem

BA in Law from the University Complutense of Madrid and MBA from IESE (Instituto de Estudios Superiores) at the University of Navarra, Mr. Álvarez-Couceiro broadened his studies at several European centers and Universities.

Antonio Álvarez-Couceiro has a wide-ranging managerial experience in different business sectors and has been Chief Executive Officer, as well as member of the Board of leading Spanish and multinational corporations in Spain. He is a trustee of several cultural and humanitarian foundations and a Fellow of the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs of Harvard University.

As Vice President of FRIDE, Álvarez-Couceiro was responsible, as its Executive Director and member of the Executive Committee,  for the organization of the Conference on Democratic Transition and Consolidation, jointly organized by FRIDE and the Gorbachev Foundation of North America in October of 2001. He was the founding Secretary General of the Club of Madrid of which he is now Secretary General ad Honorem.

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