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General Secretariat

General Secretariat



The Secretary General is appointed by the Board of Directors and ratified by the General Assembly. The Secretary General is responsible for the daily management of the Club de Madrid as well as the coordination of the activities of the organization. He/she also submits to the Board of Directors all the information and proposals to be approved by the Board or submitted to the General Assembly.




Secretary General



María Elena Agüero


María Elena Agüero, Club de Madrid


Finance & General Services

Chief Financial Officer RIcardo Hidalgo Ricardo Hidalgo, Club de MAdrid
Human Resources and Accounting Officer


Sara de Agustín




Project Financial Manager


Eva Guillemot Eva Guillemot 
Recepcionist Ana Nieto Ana Nieto, Club de Madrid
Events Manager María Romero María Romero, Club de Madrid


Events & Programs Assistant


Irene Sánchez

 Irene Sanchez
Office Manager Montserrat Sánchez Montserrat Sánchez ,Club de Madrid



Programs Coordinator Rubén Campos Rubén Campos, Club de Madrid
 Project Officer  Tamara El Khoury  
Project Officer Rafael Moreno  Club de Madrid, Rafael Moreno
Programs Officer Lorena Pacheco  Lorena Pacheco, Club de madrid
Program Officer Irene Vergara Irene Vergara, Club de Madrid


Office of the Secretary General

Outreach and Development Officer Agustina Briano Agustina Briano, Club de Madrid


Institutional Relations and Internal Governance Ofiicer   


Mariana Migliari

 Mariana Migliari

 Communications Assitant

 Ana Pastor

Senior Analyst - Global and Strategic Affairs Luis Peral  Luis Peral, Club de Madrid


Communications Officer


Luis Pérez Luis Perez GIl

Secretary General Ad Honorem Antonio Álvarez-Couceiro
 Antonio Álvez Couceiro








Agustina Briano
Outreach and Development Officer

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