Democracy That Delivers

Full Members

Full members are former Heads of State and Government from historically democratic countries or from countries that have undergone a process of democratic transition and consolidation since 1975 and whose incorporation is approved by an absolute majority of the General Assembly of the Club de Madrid. In addition, full membership may be granted to those former Heads of State and Government who participated in the Conference on Democratic Transition and Consolidation held in Madrid in October 2001 and who express their wish to join the organization, as well as those Heads of State and Government who participated in said Conference and are invited to join the Club de Madrid once their term in office has come to an end.


Alejandro Toledo
President of Peru (2001-2006)
Martín Torrijos
President of Panama (2004 - 2009)
Boris  Tadic
President of Serbia (2004-2012)
Danilo Turk
President of Slovenia (2007-2012)
Jigmi Yoser  Thinley
Prime Minister of Bhutan (2008-2013)

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