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Elections are a means to an end Elections are a means to an end

Dec 122010

Elections are a means to an end

Elections are a means to an end


The Club de Madrid is mindful of the electoral claims that have been presented to the pertinent authorities, and calls on all political parties and institutions to respect the procedures set forth in the Constitution and the Electoral Law for their resolution.

The Club de Madrid understands the importance of each phase of the electoral process, from the formulation of a political program, to campaigning, vote casting, counting, the tabulation and verification of the results. We are conscious of the heat of political debates and the interests at stake, but elections are not an end in themselves but a means to attain legitimate governments that can deliver public goods and democratic values to their citizens. They provide a platform in which all political contenders have a role to play, whether in government or in the opposition.

The people of Haiti are in need of democracy that delivers. The leadership of Haiti, together with civil society and the international community bear the responsibility to look beyond elections and build a legitimate, democratic, institutional framework that can alleviate the suffering of all Haitians. This is not the time to look for gains in a political dispute, but for each one to play his/her respective role with responsibility and to constructively surmount the current electoral impasse and, acting within his/her respective spheres, to respond to the needs of Haitian citizens and start building back better.

The Club de Madrid also calls on the international community to act as one in supporting Haiti's democratic future. The overwhelming support and attention Haiti has received from citizens and governments worldwide must be administered effectively and coherently, creating synergies and avoiding the duplication of efforts or squandering. The Club de Madrid urgently calls on the international community to provide strengthened electoral observation for the second round as soon as possible.

The Club de Madrid remains committed to working towards the future of Haiti. We are pursuing our Global Leadership for Haiti's Reconstruction Project with the firm intent of supporting Haitian leadership in reaching that vision. The Club de Madrid therefore remains available to collaborate with all parties as needed. 




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