Anita Gurumurthy

Founding Member
and Executive Director,
IT for Change

Anita Gurumurthy is a founding member and Executive Director of IT for Change (ITfC), an India-based NGO, engaged in policy research and advocacy for social change. ITfC’s mission is to understand and influence the information society and its technological foundations, from a Southern perspective. Currently, Anita is leading an Asia-wide network of research scholars and activist organisations, which advocates progressive national and trans-national policies for the equal citizenship of marginalised women in the emerging local and global spaces ushered in by the new technology paradigm.

Anita is a member of various expert groups; she serves on the Board of ISIS International Manila - an Asia-Pacific feminist organisation. At IDS Sussex, she serves on the International Advisory Committees of the Mobilising Knowledge for Development Programme as well as of the BRIDGE Gender Resource Programme. She is also on the International Advisory Board of the Latin American and Caribbean Centre in Gender and Information Society. Anita also has served as a member of the UN-GAID Expert Committee on Connectivity and Access in Least Developed Countries in 2008 and the UNESCAP Expert Group on the Beijing plus 15 Review in 2009. She is presently a member of the Euro-India SPIRIT Consortium, a Europe-driven initiative for research co-operation to support Information Society dialogues.

Anita has written extensively on social change, unpacking the mainstream development discourse and asserting the need for centrally locating social justice and equity in development thought, including in envisioning digital futures.

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