Christopher Walker

Director of Studies,
Freedom House

Christopher Walker is director of studies at Freedom House, where he oversees a team of analysts and senior scholars in devising overall strategy for Freedom House’s analytical projects, including Nations in Transit: Democratization in East Central Europe and Eurasia; Freedom of the Press: a Global Survey of Media Independence; and Freedom on the Net: A Global Assessment of Internet and Digital Media. In addition to his administrative duties, he is responsible for generating special studies and analysis, conducting briefings for government officials and at think tanks and research organizations, and responding to news issues through statements and op-eds. His articles and analysis on media freedom and democracy issues have appeared in a wide range of domestic and international publications, including Barron’s, Far Eastern Economic Review, Foreign Policy.com, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Hospodarske Noviny, Lidove Noviny, Miami Herald, Moscow Times, New York Times, Taipei Times, Wall Street Journal, Die Welt and World Affairs. Before joining Freedom House, he was a senior associate at the EastWest Institute. Mr. Walker is an Adjunct Professor of Global Affairs at New York University. He received his undergraduate degree from Binghamton University, State University of New York, and Master's Degree from Columbia University. Mr. Walker speaks German and Czech.

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